Are birds causing you a problem?

Rapid Facility Services is a leading provider to the commercial and industrial sector for bird control solutions.  We offer the most innovative and cost-effective bird deterrent, proofing and control available to the New Zealand market

Why control birds?

Bird droppings … they are unsightly, cause physical damage to buildings and can contain up-to 60 diseases transmittable to humans! Diseases of which cause harm to the human immune system

Services available:

  • Bird Netting – Rapid Facility Services use only high quality heavy-duty polyethylene bird netting to humanly block birds from entering building canopy areas and access points.  All fixtures and fittings are stainless steel to ensure no rusting or degradation issues over the lifetime of the installation
  • Bird Spikes – Ideal for narrow or difficult to access areas to eliminate birds landing and then roosting.  Stainless steel or plastic spikes are available and their use determined by your situational requirements
  • Hot Foot gel – An ideal temporary solution to interior or enclosed situations that are not affected by weather
  • Specialist solutions – we can tailor make a bird solution for you. Give us a call today!

Rapid Facility Services solve your bird problems by supplying and installing all aspects of bird deterrent and control systems to your commercial or industrial site. Big or small, we cover it all.