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audit cleaning

Audit Cleaning

Food Safety audits are critical checks required by businesses in the food manufacturing industry to ensure safety and quality.
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Antimicrobial Treatment

Regular antimicrobial treatments are necessity to maintain hygiene regulations.
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Industrial Cleaning

The Covid pandemic has highlighted the necessity for stringent hygiene standards and practices.
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Industrial Painting

It's a big investment that requires a team with specialist knowledge and experience.
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Moss and Mould Treatment

Eliminate moss and mould problems in demanding commercial environments.
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Building Maintenance

Protect your valuable asset with regular building maintenance to minimise major repairs.
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Floor Maintenance

Reduce flooring workplace hazards by keeping up with maintenance repairs.
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Bird Proofing & Deterrents

A professional bird deterrent service eliminates hazards and protects your building.
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Audit Cleaning

Verifying proper food safety practices at food and beverage processing facilities

Food safety manufacturing audits are a critical component of the New Zealand Safety & Health standards in food production and manufacturing. 

We have built long standing relationships with food manufacturers in New Zealand and have a wealth of knowledge in this area. Standards within the industry change frequently and it is paramount to ensure compliance is up to date.

With our specialised team of technical advisers you can be assured your business is compliant with safety regulations and you are applying best practices.

Antimicrobial Treatment

Containing and preventing the harmful bacteria in the food manufacturing industry

Antimicrobial treatment are used for the treatment of large surfaces within food processing and manufacturing plants to reduce the risk of food contamination. 

They are a specialist treatment applied by qualified cleaners to industrial and commercial spaces  and have become more regular and in demand due to current the pandemic.

 The treatment removes the build-up of bacteria, viruses and other growths that can become problematic.

Industrial Cleaning

Offering a wide range of specialised cleaning services in challenging environments

In the current challenging times, specialty cleaning services are vital to prevent the spread of harmful viruses.

Specialist training, knowledge and experience is needed when  it comes to industrial cleaning services and our team are equipped and ready to tackle even the toughest jobs! 

We comply with the strict standards and measures which have to be followed to ensure an effective clean. 

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