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Industrial and commercial cleaning both require very specialised methods and techniques for cleaning. The process depends on the business activity carried out and the machinery, products and chemicals used for each individual job. No two spaces are the same.

High level cleaning is complicated as it requires specialist cleaning knowledge and experience. Every space and job is different and it’s the attention to the specific details that is critical for a high quality industrial clean. When you hire a professional cleaning company you get the benefits of a highly trained team, experienced with products and a high quality clean. 

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There is a very common misconception that it doesn’t matter what chemicals or treatments are used to clean surfaces! Household cleaners are not the same as industrial or commercial strength cleaners, and depending on the area to be cleaned, require different types of cleaners.

Business owners should be aware that the health and safety of staff and customers is a top priority. The Covid pandemic has taught us that we don’t have to be able to see germs or bacterial to know they are lurking on surfaces! Infectious droplets land on surfaces and can survive for long periods of time. So it’s crucial to regularly maintain and clean all areas of your workplace to avoid the spread of germs and build-up of bacteria.

We are specialists in high-level cleaning. We clean everything, even when it may seem impossible and our commercial cleaning service is customised to suit your specific requirements.

From critical hygiene to industrial grime, we clean all buildings, old and new. Our team work 24/7 so we can fit in with our clients and provide a complete cleaning service with minimal disruption to your daily working activities.

We are fully trained and experienced working at heights and confined spaces, enabling us to remove moss, mould, fungus, grime, airborne salt, grease, and much more in all those hard-to-reach places.

Rapid’s industrial cleaning services will transform your industrial or commercial premises, giving it an instant new look and feel.

Industrial Cleaning
Industrial Cleaning

Tried and true industrial cleaning techniques

Our industrial cleaning techniques include high grade internal and external washing of walls, ceilings, roofs, floors, and all machinery and equipment. We treat all areas that can easily be missed, ensuring your premises are cleared of health hazards.

We cover a wide range of industrial cleaning services, including:

  • Ceiling cavities
  • Site tidy up
  • Carpark sweeping
  • Cleaning roofs, gutters, and downpipes
  • External building washes
  • Hot wash
  • Window cleaning
  • High and low-pressure washes
  • Paving and concrete washes
  • Floor cleans
  • Fencing, decking and patio washes
  • Driveway washes
  • Warehouse and workshop
  • Vinyl stripping, polishing, buffing, and sealing
  • Yards and courtyard tidy ups
  • Silo and tank cleaning
  • Carparks
  • Grounds
  • Builders cleans
  • Drain cleaning
  • Chewing gum removal
  • Graffiti removal
  • Ducting, shafts and ventilation cleaning
  • At height cleans
  • Confined space cleans
  • Building and construction tidy
  • Removal of slippery surfaces
  • Roller door cleans
  • Stairway cleans
  • School and office cleaning
  • Hotel and motel cleaning
  • Shopping centre commercial cleaning
  • Factory, brewery and mill cleaning

Many businesses are now seeing the benefits of cleaning as a means of keeping their property up to the highest standard of cleanliness. Industrial cleaning improves site presentation and meets ongoing health and safety obligations.

We have a highly trained team experienced and knowledgeable in industrial cleaning who will clean all areas effectively, particularly those areas that produce or manufacture food, breweries, dairy plants and many more.

We have been in the industrial cleaning industry long enough to know what works and what doesn’t work! Our staff are trained to the highest of standards specifically for all the different jobs we undertake. We have a strong commitment to safety for our staff and our clients and provide the highest possible service.

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