Building Maintenance

Comprehensive building maintenance on industrial and commercial premises

Comprehensive building maintenance

We perform comprehensive building maintenance on industrial and commercial premises. Whether it’s one-off repairs or planned maintenance programmes, we can help to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your building which will protect your valuable asset from environmental decline.

But building maintenance is more than this. The purpose is to inspect, fix, maintain and repair a whole range of issues within your premises to increase the longevity of your building and prevent small problems developing into big ones further down the track.

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Building maintenance covers:

  • ensuring everything is operating safety and smoothly within the building
  • checking windows and door latches for security
  • leaks, wear and tear on high traffic areas like flooring
  • removing any hazards that could cause trips and falls
  • preventative maintenance and general tidy up

And what about that first impression?

Your business premises could have a first and lasting bad impression on your customers without your even knowing it!  Uncared for and unmaintained premises are ugly and unsightly – not a professional way to represent your image or brand.

What do your customers think when they enter your premises?

Are your business premises a fair representation of your brand and business identity?

With regular building maintenance checks, you can be assured your premises will always make a good first impression.

Building maintenance is the regular monitoring, inspection and repairs of everything inside and outside your business. It’s maintaining your physical asset in its entirety. Whether it’s a touch-up paint job or repairing small or large problems, it will benefit you and your business in the long run.

Think about it in terms of quality – how does your building look outside and what is the indoor environment like?

We recommend scheduling planned building maintenance wherever possible to keep your industrial and commercial premises in great condition. Building maintenance is an essential part of protecting both your asset and your brand image.

As well as giving that first important impression of your business premises, investing in regular building maintenance will also save you money on unnecessary and major repairs that can easily be prevented by simply having a maintenance schedule.

Our building maintenance services provide preventative, remedial and upgrade works. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Line marking
  • Carpentry
  • Fencing
  • Plastering
  • Tiling
  • Leak fixes
  • Door handle and window latch repairs
  • General maintenance
Building Maintenance
Building Maintenance

Our building maintenance division team are highly trained in building upgrades and repairs. If there’s something you’d like to change, simply let us know and we will send the right people out to complete the job.

A clean, tidy and well-maintained business imply staff and customers like being there. They don’t have to worry about any health and safety issues like trips and falls. A business that is well looked after and well-maintained not only looks and feels clean, it represents a professional status and is safe and secure. If these are things you want for your business, then regular business maintenance will benefit you.

We have clients who choose to be on a building maintenance programme and others who prefer to book the service as and when it’s needed.

Whatever way you choose to undergo building maintenance, we have a skilled and experienced team standing by for the job.

Call us today to see how our friendly knowledgeable team can help with all your building maintenance queries.

Our team are also trained in carpentry and building repairs. They know what to look out for and will inform you when they spot a problem and how to resolve it. They have a ‘know-how and a ‘can-do attitude.

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