Floor Maintenance

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Floor cleaning and floor maintenance

The condition of your flooring is critical to the overall health of your building. A strong commitment to health and safety should be at the core of any business to avoid workplace hazards or at least minimise them. Many preventable accidents occur in workplaces every year and more often than not, they are caused by not keeping up with maintenance and repairs.

The condition of your flooring is important from both a health perspective and a safety perspective. A poorly maintained floor can is a biological hazard and also increases the potential for workplace accidents.

There are many different types of hazards in the workplace but you can keep on top of them and avoid accidents by having a good maintenance programme in place.

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Remove the stress and book regular maintenance and repair work. Regular maintenance with our trained and knowledgeable professional team checks all areas for anything that might pose a risk or needs to be repaired.

Flooring is one of the key areas that present various workplace hazards, alongside peeling and flaking paint. If you are in the food manufacturing industry you don’t want paint to contaminate your products! As flooring is the last line of defence against bacteria, we offer both floor cleaning and maintenance.

We specialise in epoxy and commercial vinyl repairs, ensuring flooring meets the required standards. We recognise in order to carry out flooring repairs appropriately, our team will need to work around your production schedule to eliminate any loss in production. We are very experienced in this area and we understand the risks to your staff and customers.

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We also offer a complete range of cleaning services to remove bacteria and other harmful viruses to ensure you have a safe and healthy workplace.

Our team are available 24/7. We will show up with the right expertise, equipment, and attitude.

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Floor Maintenance
Floor Maintenance

Deep Cleaning techniques eliminate bacteria

It is now more than ever, critical to ensure that any deep cleaning of your commercial or industrial premises is carried out correctly.

The Ministry of Health has advised that Covid19 can live on different surfaces for varying lengths of time and for this reason, suggests a deep clean to reduce the risk of community transmission.

This treatment should be carried out by experienced and trained professionals in this area as there are strict standards and measures in place that need to be followed.

A deep clean service targets and disinfects the interior of your premises with a methodical sanitising application that disinfects a comprehensive range of surfaces with the appropriate methods, techniques and chemicals. All surfaces are treated including the floor, walls, benches, doors, handles switches and all places where bacteria can live. Our trained team know exactly where to deep clean and how.

We specialise in hot water cleaning and chemical deep cleaning, using purpose-built equipment to access all hard-to-reach areas. We can efficiently clean industrial spaces, large and small, leaving no area untreated.

Our staff have up-to-date knowledge of the latest techniques, chemicals and methods of cleaning which is critical as the cleaning industry is fast-moving, and new techniques and chemicals are introduced regularly.

We can also clean your trade waste, either cleaning it on-site or disposing of it off-site as required.

We don’t just offer cleaning services – we offer a whole solution in commercial and industrial servicing to remove the stress associated with maintenance and audits.

When our team arrives to do your job, you can be assured you are getting knowledgeable, well-trained team members who will do an outstanding job – every time!

Beyond delivering high-quality work and skilled staff – we are all about customer service.

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