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Window cleaning in high-rise buildings

Keep your building pristine with deionised water window cleaning

Find out the effectiveness of using deionised water for window cleaning and the advantages of professional exterior building cleans.
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Professional industrial factory cleaning

Why effective food factory cleaning must use the right chemicals!

Food factory cleaning demands precision, using the right chemicals and techniques to safeguard not only the products but also your business!
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New Sales Representative Annette Saines with Rapid Facilities team

New year, new goals and a new sales representative at Rapid!

As we embrace a new year filled with fresh challenges and goals, we are excited to introduce our new sales representative! Meet her here:
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Bright yellow exterior paint and brush.

5 tips for successful exterior painting in hot weather

Use these five essential tips when tackling any kind of exterior painting project in hot weather to ensure your success!
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Santa is ready for Christmas emergency industrial cleaning

We’re open 24/7 for your emergency industrial Christmas cleaning!

ust like Santa, we are open 24/7 over the holiday's for your emergency industrial Christmas cleaning! Find out how we can help you!
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Microorganisms and bacteria under microscope.

Remove bacteria in your food production facility with our services!

The biggest food manufacturing concern is the presence of harmful bacteria. Learn how we remove bacteria in your food production facility.
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Mould up close in magnifying glass

Silicone Cleaning – prevent mould from ruining your food facility

We explore how silicone can harbour mould and bacteria when it becomes old or damaged. Prevent this with professional silicone cleaning.
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Manufacturing cleaning at factory.

Optimise shutdown periods with our food manufacturing cleaning

If you're looking for manufacturing cleaning services specifically tailored to optimise your shutdown operations, keep reading!
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Bright yellow line marking in industrial warehouse.

How line marking safeguards your industrial plant and workforce

Line marking plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe and efficient industrial plant. Read why your business needs line marking here:
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