We’re open 24/7 for your emergency industrial Christmas cleaning!

Santa is ready for Christmas emergency industrial cleaning

‘Tis the season for emergency industrial Christmas cleaning!

The holiday season is filled with joy and celebration, but sometimes unexpected, messy emergencies can dampen the festive spirit. We understand when things go wrong, they must be fixed promptly, even during Christmas and New Year.

Just like Santa and his trusty helpers, we are here 24/7 to save the day and ensure your peace of mind throughout the summer holidays.

When things go wrong, we make it right! We’re here to help you with your emergency industrial Christmas cleaning!

Keep reading to find out some of the things we can do to help your industrial business this holiday season when no one else can!

Liquid chocolate spills: Bunded and cleaned with holiday cheer!

Picture this: You’re preparing delectable chocolate treats in your food facility when a liquid chocolate spill occurs suddenly.

Don’t fret! Our team is equipped to handle such accidents with speed and efficiency. We’ll promptly and expertly bund and clean the spill, ensuring your production area remains safe, hygienic, and ready for all your chocolatey endeavours this Christmas!

Many things can go wrong in the food production areas over the silly season, not just chocolate spills! When it comes to food production, safety is paramount. Any contamination can have serious health consequences.

If you experience rust and corrosion or need an antimicrobial treatment to remove harmful bacteria, call us!

Code “brown” overflows and blockages: A clean sweep for a squeaky-clean holiday season!

No one wants to deal with “Code Brown” situations any time of the year, let alone during the holidays.

But accidents happen, and we’re here to help. Our experienced technicians will swiftly respond to the call for cleanup and sanitation, ensuring that your facility remains fresh, clean, and odour-free. With our expertise in handling these challenging situations, you can focus on spreading holiday cheer without worrying about unwelcome surprises!

Flour spills: We’ll save the gingerbread from becoming glue!

Flour spills can quickly turn into a sticky situation, especially if water is used for cleanup. But fear not! We know all too well the unique challenges that flour spills present. Our team will employ the proper techniques to clean up the mess without turning it into glue. Rest assured that your baking escapades will continue smoothly, allowing you to proceed without any holiday mishaps!

Santa's toolbelt

Santa’s sleigh needs door repairs!

We all want our industrial building and warehouse to present our business in the best way possible. That includes the exterior or the interior appearance of your physical premises, including the functionality of your doors!

Imagine Santa’s sleigh making its way to your warehouse, only to find that it won’t fit through the roller doors. Don’t let this glitch dampen the spirit of the season. Our expert technicians are well-versed in warehouse door maintenance and building repairs.

We’ll ensure that your doors are functioning smoothly, ready to welcome Santa’s grand entrance, and facilitate the distribution of joy and presents to all!

Our building maintenance also covers:

  • Ensuring everything is operating safely and smoothly within the building
  • Checking windows and door latches for security
  • Leaks, wear and tear on high-traffic areas like flooring
  • Removing any hazards that could cause trips and falls
  • Preventative maintenance and general tidy-up

Fork hoist attack on bird netting emergency – keep birds away!

Birds may symbolise freedom and nature, but they can wreak havoc in food production areas and cause damage to your property. Lucky for you, you don’t have to wait to prevent structural damage, health hazards, fire hazards, and maintenance costs if you need emergency bird control services over Christmas. We’ll do it for you!

If a fork hoist attack on your bird netting leaves you vulnerable to potential health hazards, don’t panic. Our experienced team will respond swiftly and efficiently to secure your facility, making the necessary emergency repairs to keep those pesky birds at bay.

Let us handle the situation while you focus on delivering safe and high-quality products to your customers.

Emergency industrial Christmas cleaning: When things go wrong over the holidays, we’ll make them right!

As the holiday season unfolds, remember that we’re here to be your very own Santa’s helpers. Whether it’s addressing liquid chocolate spills, “Code Brown” emergencies, flour mishaps, door repairs and building maintenance, or bird netting incidents, we’ve got you covered with a range of services.

With our expert team available 24/7, even during the Christmas and New Year period, you can count on us to swiftly and efficiently fix any issues that arise.

Enjoy a joyful and trouble-free holiday season, knowing that we are by your side, making sure things go right when they may have gone wrong!

Contact our dedicated team and let us take care of your dirty business while you get on with the spirit of Christmas.

Wishing you a magical and stress-free holiday season from the entire Rapid Facilities team!

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