Leave no dust behind with our SpaceVac high-level cleaning solution

SpaceVac high-level cleaning dust solution on silo

Dust and debris can pose a significant challenge in industrial cleaning, especially in high-level areas that are difficult to reach. Traditional cleaning methods may struggle to effectively remove dust particles, leading to potential contamination and health risks.

That’s where our SpaceVac high-level cleaning solution comes in. This innovative system offers safe, efficient, and thorough cleaning from the ground up, ensuring no dust is left behind!

What is SpaceVac high-level cleaning?

SpaceVac high-level cleaning is a specialised cleaning solution designed for industrial environments.

Its high-level reach cleaning system removes dust and debris from external and internal fixtures/pipes in factories, warehouses, and commercial buildings. Unlike traditional methods that require ladders or scissor lifts, SpaceVac enables cleaning professionals to operate safely from the ground level, minimising the risk of accidents and reducing the need for additional equipment.

Space vacuuming: Industrial dust extraction

One of the industry terms used for the SpaceVac high-level cleaning solution is industrial dust extraction. This term encompasses the comprehensive removal of dust and debris from high-level areas within industrial settings.

SpaceVac effectively extracts dust particles using powerful suction, ensuring a clean and safe environment. Each vac head has a camera that relays to a screen that the operator uses at ground level.  They don’t leave anything behind, and they are safely on the ground. 

Compared to traditional cleaning methods, which often involve wiping dust away, SpaceVac’s industrial dust extraction capabilities provide superior results, leaving no room for contamination or potential health hazards.

SpaceVac high-level cleaning dust solution

The difference between wiping dust away and using SpaceVac

To truly understand the efficacy of SpaceVac, let’s examine the significant difference between wiping dust away and utilising SpaceVac.

When dust is wiped away, it tends to scatter into the air, creating the risk of it settling down onto other surfaces or being inhaled by workers. However, with SpaceVac, the dust particles are immediately sucked up and sealed, preventing any escape or contamination.

This is particularly crucial in sensitive environments like food manufacturing, where even the slightest contamination can be detrimental. SpaceVac’s powerful suction and sealing mechanism ensure a thorough cleaning process, leaving no dust particles behind and promoting a clean and healthy work environment.

How our specialised SpaceVac services can help you

We understand the importance of maintaining high hygiene standards in industrial facilities. That’s why we offer comprehensive SpaceVac high-level cleaning services catering to your needs.

Safety is a top priority at Rapid Facilities. With the SpaceVac system, our team can ensure that the connecting poles, brushes, and heads remain secure during the operation and can carry out high-level cleaning without the need to work at dangerous heights or use ladders and scissor lifts.

This reduces the risk of accidents and ensures compliance with health and safety regulations. You can have peace of mind knowing that our trained professionals will conduct the cleaning process to effectively clean high-level areas safely and controlled, protecting both your facility and our team.

Customised solutions for your facility needs

Leave no dust behind with our SpaceVac high-level cleaning solution and ensure thorough cleaning, eliminating the risk of contamination and preserving a hygienic working environment.

Whether you require external fixture cleaning, internal pipe cleaning, or a combination of both, our industrial cleaning services can cater to all at a convenient time that suits your operations.

Our team will work closely with you to understand your facility’s layout, identify the areas that require attention and develop a cleaning plan that maximises efficiency and effectiveness.

Contact us today to learn more about how our SpaceVac services can benefit your facility and achieve superior cleaning results.

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