Anti-static cleaning – prevent industrial explosions!

industrial explosion

Threats of explosions due to static electricity are a significant concern in industrial settings and pose a genuine concern.

The dangers associated with static electricity range from safety hazards for workers to the risk of industrial explosions to costly disruptions to your business.

That’s why many industries rely on anti-static cleaning methods to mitigate the risks and ensure a safer working environment.

If your facility needs professional anti-static cleaning, keep reading to explore how we can assist you in maintaining a safe, clean and productive working environment that will help prevent explosions.

Why is anti-static cleaning important?

Anti-static cleaning is crucial in maintaining equipment and creating electrostatic discharge (ESD) and safe environments free from static, dirt, and debris. In many ESD-protected areas where machinery and electronic equipment are utilised, accumulating dust and electrostatic charges is a persistent challenge.

The presence of static electricity in industrial environments can lead to severe consequences, including production delays, compromised product quality, increased warranty claims, contamination risks, and, most critically, the potential for shocks to operators and the risk of explosions.

Therefore, to effectively address this issue and uphold the integrity of such areas, anti-static cleaning becomes essential.

What industries would use anti-static cleaning?

Industries dealing with fine timber dust, flour silos, and any areas with potential ignition flash points are prime candidates for anti-static cleaning practices. The threat of explosions in these environments is an apparent concern where the risk of an explosive event in these environments is significantly heightened, making proactive safety practices a must.

What can cause fires and explosions?

Combustible dust

Combustible dust is one of the primary contributors to fires and explosions in industrial facilities. This risk is prevalent in various sectors, from food processing plants to chemical facilities. Dust generated from flour, grain, sugar, herbs, and other materials is considered combustible.

In food facilities, grain dust is particularly hazardous when airborne or accumulates near an ignition source.

Suppose a significant quantity of combustible dust is dispersed in a confined space. In that case, the potential for an explosion becomes a threat, leading to catastrophic consequences, including the destruction of facilities, company assets and injuries.

Electrical hazards

In addition to combustible dust, electrical hazards pose a significant risk in industrial settings. Faulty wiring, electrical equipment, and static charges can increase the likelihood of electrical failures, which can lead to fires and explosions.

Faulty equipment and machinery

Malfunctioning equipment and machinery also contribute to the risk of fires, injuries and explosions in industrial environments. When working in a confined area or near highly combustible materials, using electric-powered tools with exposed wiring, switching problems, or any other defect could cause sparks, which may trigger a fire and bring about dangerous consequences for those working on site.

Our anti-static cleaning solutions

Many industries rely on us and our antistatic cleaning methods to address and minimize the risks. These methods reduce the likelihood of electrostatic discharge, which can damage electrical components and ignite flammable liquids and gases.

Our highly trained team of anti-static cleaners uses specialised anti-static vacuums equipped with anti-static hoses and HEPA filter units to ensure that static electricity and unwanted particles are effectively removed, thus promoting a safe and productive working environment that reduces the potential for explosions.

What makes our anti-static cleaning different to our other cleaning services?

Simple. Without it, the environment can cause an explosion!

That’s why the importance of anti-static cleaning in your industrial facility cannot be overstated. With a team you can rely on, make anti-static cleaning a key part of your prevention plan.

Contact us today to learn more about our anti-static cleaning solutions. Address your unique risks associated with static electricity and minimise the potential for catastrophic industrial explosions.

By utilizing our extensive expertise in industrial cleaning, you can be confident you’re doing your part to maintain a safe and productive working environment while protecting your assets.

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