How we train our staff in confined space cleaning

Confined space cleaning

Industrial cleaning is a specialised industry that brings with it several challenges. Cleaning confined spaces, however, can be particularly tricky. With tight spaces, the potential for the build-up of chemical fumes and gasses and a lack of movement while cleaning, it is easy to see why cleaning in confined spaces is a job for the experts!

At Rapid Facilities, we understand the significance of having qualified personnel to carry out confined space cleaning. Because of this, we continually train our staff to be fully prepared for these challenging environments.

But what exactly do our staff learn in this training? And what are the hazards associated with confined spaces? Find out more below!

What are the hazards of confined spaces

Worksafe New Zealand defines confined spaces as enclosed or partially enclosed areas not designed for human occupancy. Some examples of confined spaces include sewers, drains, tanks, vats, and boilers.

These spaces can present several hazards and risks, including:

  • Gases and chemicals can be found in confined spaces and quickly build up in close confines
  • Lack of oxygen, which can lead to asphyxiation. This makes monitoring and maintaining adequate oxygen supply in confined spaces vital
  • Toxic substances, even in small quantities, can create an unsafe working environment, requiring precautions and protective measures
  • Chemical and gases that may be flammable, which demand careful monitoring and prevention of ignition sources (such as friction)
  • Being trapped within confined spaces as movement is highly restricted requires carefully planned safety protocols
  • Noise being amplified, extreme temperatures, and falls are additional risks that need to be monitored in confined space cleaning
gas detection

How do we train our staff in confined space cleaning?

We prioritise the training and development of our staff by sending them on a comprehensive qualification program accredited by NZQA. This programme is specifically designed for working within confined spaces and includes detecting and monitoring hazardous gas. It’s the perfect way to keep our staff fully reminded of the dangers of this type of cleaning.

Within the course, our staff learn to identify the various types of confined spaces and all the associated hazards and risks we listed above. They gain a deep understanding of the potential dangers present in confined spaces and how to assess and mitigate them effectively. It cannot be underestimated how important this is!

The training emphasises the importance of atmospheric testing to detect gas and establish safe working conditions. Staff members become confident in using the necessary equipment to conduct accurate tests and maintain a secure environment before entering a confined space.

They also learn the correct emergency procedures to follow in case of a rescue operation. This includes developing emergency procedure plans and completing the necessary documentation required for confined space entry permits. This forward planning complements and strengthens our own health and safety policy.

By completing this NZQA-accredited qualification, our staff can demonstrate their confined space entry and gas detection expertise. They are well-versed in atmospheric testing, monitoring, and interpreting results, and we can be confident that they can safely clean in any confined space. This training ensures that we provide top-notch confined space cleaning services with a strong emphasis on safety, knowledge, and skill.

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Our health and safety standards

At all times, we maintain strict adherence to a comprehensive code of conduct and stringent health and safety standards, ensuring a professional and safe approach in all our operations. For our clients, this gives them peace of mind that we are well-equipped and utilise all the necessary tools, equipment, and knowledge to carry out any task efficiently. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, businesses are legally required to ensure subcontractors are suitably trained and experienced to carry out work on their premises. Our robust training plans do just that.

Confined space cleaning requires training and a commitment to safety. We recognise the significance of qualified staff in ensuring the well-being of everyone involved in confined space cleaning projects. We offer reliable and professional services to clients in various industries across New Zealand by prioritising hazard identification, specialised training, and strict adherence to safety standards. We’re known for getting the job done with the greatest of care. No job is too challenging.

We lead the way in confined space cleaning!

If you require confined space cleaning or specialist services, contact us today. As a PREQUAL-qualified company operating nationwide, our highly trained and safety-conscious professionals are equipped to handle any confined space cleaning job efficiently and effectively. Be sure and check out our industrial cleaning services, popular birdproofing services and birdproofing solutions blog post.

Don’t compromise on safety – choose Rapid Facilities for your confined space cleaning needs. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help!

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