Specialists in food manufacturer’s audit cleaning, we ensure your production areas are clean and sanitised using proven cleaning techniques and where required antimicrobial treatments.  Experts in all aspects of industrial cleaning we provide you with the peace of mind that you have the most experienced and safety conscious team on your site. Teams are available 24/7 for all your building maintenance needs, we can spot issues and put preventative maintenance systems in place to avoid costly repairs or replacements. Rust treatments and industrial painting to fix flaky paint issues, and moss & mould treatments to prevent surface damage to roofs, ceiling, walls and more. Your floors should be clean, clear and crack free to avoid Health and Safety issues, we provide floor maintenance advice and systems to ensure your work environment is safe.  We do have a special passion; bird proofing, bird control and bird deterrents. We keep them out of your production areas, warehouse and your reception. We provide a cost effective and efficient application which best suits your situation. Call us today, we are ready to help.

Our Team

Rapid was born one Saturday winters morning over bacon and eggs at a Café in Papakura. Three friends and workmates decided that we could supply the best service and knowledge to hygiene cleaning of food manufacturing companies because we had 3 things no one else had. The three of us!
Paul Schoch
Paul Schoch

Managing Director

About Paul paul@rapidfacilities.co.nz

Andrew Chan
Andrew Chan

Technical Director

About Andrew andrew@rapidfacilities.co.nz

    Robyn Schoch
    Robyn Schoch

    Financial Director

    About Robyn robyn@rapidfacilities.co.nz

    Are you subject to building and manufacturing audits for food manufacturing?
    Are your walls covered in unseen Biofilm from protein build-up causing bacterial issues?
    Do you own or lease a commercial or industrial building?
    Do you have paint peeling in your factory contaminating and jeopardising production?
    Does your roof need repairs, moss treatment or paint?
    Do you need line marking for safety or directive flow?
    Have your floors been compromised by surface damage leaving them open to microbes and bacteria?
    Have we repaired, cleaned and painted your building inside and out … only to have birds foul it up?

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