Bird Proofing & Deterrents

Humane bird control solutions in the commercial and industrial sectors

Are birds causing you a problem?

A professional bird deterrent service will help you to effectively control new or any growing bird populations around your building.

Having birds around your industrial or commercial premises is a common problem but more importantly, it can also be a health hazard causing contamination and damage to your building.

We are a leading provider of bird control solutions in the commercial and industrial sectors.

With simple bird proofing strategies, you can avoid bird infestation altogether. Our solutions are humane, effective and some of the most innovative and cost-effective bird deterrents available to the New Zealand market.

Why control birds?

When birds choose to nest in and around buildings, their droppings can wreak havoc on building materials.

Bird droppings are unsightly, of course, but they are also very corrosive. Bird droppings can eat away at building materials, creating a costly issue for commercial building owners.

Bird droppings are also a biological hazard, carrying up to 60 diseases transmittable to humans. As birds like to nest near outdoor ventilation intakes, these diseases can quickly transfer to the air inside your building.

You also need to prevent debris from nests entering your gutter and downpipe systems. As blockages are very costly to resolve, it’s a good idea to do everything you can to avoid this issue.

Bird Proofing
Bird Proofing

Our bird proofing services include:

Bird Netting

We use high-quality, heavy duty polyethene bird netting. The netting blocks birds from entering building canopy areas and access points in a humane but effective way.

All of the netting’s fittings and fixtures are made with stainless steel for longevity purposes. The stainless steel will endure no rust or degradation.

Bird spikes

Bird spikes are ideal for the more difficult areas of a building. Areas that are particularly narrow or high can be fitted with stainless steel or plastic spikes that deter birds from landing on your building.

Hot foot gel

The hot foot gel method acts as a temporary deterrent for interior or enclosed areas that are not affected by the weather. The gel is not harmful to birds but prevents them from landing on your building.

Specialist solutions

We are a professional commercial and industrial services company and we do everything from bird deterrent services to building maintenance and much more.

We use innovation in the range of solutions we offer to all our commercial and industrial clients – find out more here.

Whether it’s one bird or a thousand birds, our team of knowledgeable staff can help you get your bird problem under control or prevent one from occurring altogether. Big or small we do it all!

Like all of our jobs, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to bird proofing. We treat all jobs on an individual basis to ensure we have met the needs of the client. We are happy to customise a bird proofing solution for you or combine several of our methods to protect all areas of your building.

Rapid Facility Services solve your bird problems by supplying and installing all aspects of bird deterrent and control systems to your commercial or industrial site.

Big or small, we cover it all. Call us today.

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