5 tips for successful exterior painting in hot weather

Bright yellow exterior paint and brush.

As the summer heat sets in, many homeowners and professionals alike turn their attention to exterior painting projects. As it’s hot and dry and usually rains less than other times of the year, the paint should dry quickly, speeding up the whole job!

However, exterior painting in hot weather comes with its own set of challenges that can affect the quality and durability of the paint job.

To avoid the pitfalls of painting in summer and ensure your success, it’s important to follow these five essential tips when tackling any exterior painting project in hot weather.

Tip #1: Timing is key

When planning your painting project, it’s crucial to choose the right time of day to work. Avoid painting during the hottest hours when temperatures soar, as this can cause the paint to dry too quickly and lead to uneven finishes. Instead, aim to work during the cooler parts of the day, such as early morning or late afternoon, when the temperature is more moderate.

Wind can also be an issue, causing paint to dry unevenly and blowing debris into the paint. High winds can even topple ladders. So don’t paint if the wind is over a gentle breeze.

Tip #2: Select the right paint

Choosing the appropriate paint for hot weather conditions is essential for achieving a long-lasting and well-adhered finish. Opt for high-quality paints specifically formulated for exterior use and designed to withstand hot weather challenges. Look for paints with a wide temperature range for application, ensuring they can withstand the heat and perform well in fluctuating temperatures.

Tip #3: Prepare the surface properly

Proper surface preparation is crucial for the success of any painting project, especially in hot weather. Make sure to thoroughly clean the surfaces to be painted, removing any dirt, debris, or loose paint. Repair any damaged areas and ensure the surface is dry before applying the paint. Taking these steps will promote better adhesion and prevent future paint issues.

Tip #4: Stay hydrated and protected

Health and safety should always come first. Working in hot weather can be physically demanding and increase the risk of heat-related illnesses. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day and take regular breaks in shaded or air-conditioned areas. Protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays by wearing a wide-brimmed hat, applying sunscreen, and wearing lightweight, breathable clothing.

Tip #5: Work in sections and seek shade

To prevent the paint from drying too quickly and creating visible lap marks or uneven coverage, it’s best to work in smaller sections at a time. Start painting areas that are shaded or less exposed to direct sunlight, gradually moving along with the shade as the sun moves throughout the day. This will allow for better paint flow and more controlled drying.

exterior painting on building in hot weather with scissor lift.

Need help with your commercial or industrial exterior painting?

If you’re not confident in tackling a hot weather exterior painting project on your own, it’s best to trust the expertise of professional painters.

If you’re in need of commercial or industrial painting services, chances are you’ll need speciality treatments, coatings, or specialist paint.

That’s where we come in!

We know about the best products and coatings to use for your premises. The complexities, challenges and unforeseen issues that arise when it comes to painting industrial premises mean it’s a job best left to the professionals.

We provide all aspects of commercial and industrial coating and paintwork services, including:

  • Roof restoration
  • Poly-panel recoating
  • Gas line painting
  • Food industry specialised VOC-free coating systems
  • Flaky paint removal and recoating
  • Full building paints – interior and exterior
  • Office painting

Our painting and coating services include either a high or low-pressure washdown to complement the specific requirements of your coating system.

There is no simple, generic solution to industrial painting – each client is unique – but with our experience, skills, and knowledge, we know exactly what’s best for you and your situation.

Why work with professional painters?

If you think your commercial or industrial building looks worn out, a summer makeover might just be what it needs.

Industrial and commercial painting services can enhance the appearance of your building, improving its street appeal and creating a professional image for your business. You can ensure a long-lasting and durable paint job by using high-quality paint and skilled workmanship.

Hiring professional painters specialising in industrial and commercial painting saves time and money by getting the job done right the first time. Proper surface preparation and attention to aesthetics ensure clean lines and a high-quality finish.

Additionally, a fresh paint job can add value to your building, giving it a renewed and attractive look that’s perfect for the new year!

Use exterior painting services you can rely on

Exterior painting projects are a big investment that can add thousands of dollars to your property. If you are going to invest in professional services, make sure the job and the team are of the highest quality around.

Contact our reputable team, who have experience in painting exteriors in all weather conditions, including the heat! We can provide the necessary knowledge, skills, and equipment to ensure a successful and stress-free painting experience.

Whether residential, industrial or commercial, exterior painting in hot weather can be done. By following these five essential tips, you can achieve a beautiful and long-lasting paint job that withstands the summer heat.

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