As the last line of defence against bacteria growth your flooring condition is critical. Rapid Facility Services specialise in epoxy and commercial vinyl repairs to ensure all required standards are met. As your production time is critical we will work around your production schedule to eliminate loss of production and minimise MPI audit requirements.

Along with these biological issues you also have Health and Safety issues when the condition of your floor is ignored. A poorly maintained floor can be a substantial slip, trip and fall hazard, that when maintained is eliminated. With our expertise and specialised equipment available 24/7, Rapid Facility Services can be onsite, on-time, anytime.


Deep Cleaning
When your floor needs to be deep cleaned we specialise in either Hot Water or Chemical Deep Cleaning using our purpose built specialised equipment. Using our equipment, we can either clean to your trade-waste or dispose of off-site as required.

Call us today for an assessment of your flooring conditions.