Preventive Maintenance

When maintenance isn’t a priority and something breaks, the cost of downtime can be even more significant than maintaining the item in the first place. You can spend less on maintenance in general and avoid maintenance-related downtime by practicing preventive maintenance.

Manufacturing plants are made up of many different areas, from production lines and heavy equipment to production, warehousing and distribution buildings. All aspects of the production chain from start to finish must work effectively and efficiently from the start of the process to the end product rolling out the door.

Preventive maintenance in these areas is being proactive and simply working ahead of schedule to perform maintenance before a problem can develop. Get rid of that moss, mould or flaky paint before it becomes an audit issue and before it contaminates product. Recalls are a costly exercise not only in the logistics but “Brand” damage.

The cost of downtime in manufacturing is measured in dollars. Dollars, staff aren’t earning when lines are down, product not being produced, out of stocks on shelves and the loss of valuable retail space for your product … your “Brand”, these are some of the real costs of downtime due to poor maintenance.

Preventive maintenance results in increased up-time, minimal production delays, safe manufacturing and safe products.


Preventive Maintenance and what Rapid Facility Services can do for you

We are specialists in Food manufacturers audit cleaning, get rid of dust, flaky paint, rust and bacteria build ups in bio-film.  At height or confined-space, we do it all.

We ensure your production areas are clean and when required Antimicrobial Treatments are used to block bacteria

Experts in all aspects of Industrial cleaning and Building maintenance, we can spot issues and put preventive maintenance systems in place to avoid those costly repairs, replacements or much dreaded downtime.

Rust treatments and Industrial painting to fix flaky paint issues in production areas, cool-stores, steel areas, gas pipes and all general building painting interior and exterior.

Moss & mould treatments to prevent surface damage to roofs, ceiling, walls and more.


preventative maintenance
Gutter After
Gutter Before


Gutter cleans are integral prevention against leaky roofs and interior & exterior water damage




Floor maintenance keep floors clean, clear and crack free, we provide advice and systems to ensure your work environment is safe, clean and bacteria free

Floor Clean in Progress

Call us today for peace of mind “we do whatever others can’t or won’t do”


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