How to Solve the Smallest Problems with Food Manufacturing Audits

We know what Auditors are looking for and surprisingly it’s the little things that are missed before an audit:

  • Openings to your facility should be sealed well to eliminate pest access
  • Dust layers at height above production, packing and warehousing areas
  • Flaky paint anywhere in your production area
  • Ceiling Cavities cleaned
  • Vents and ducting cleaned
  • Floors maintained and sealed
  • Clean and sanitary buildings
  • Bird Fouling in production, packing, warehousing and distribution
  • Moss, Mould and gunge build up

The list can and does go on …

Before and After external wall clean

You can help yourself by ensuring your facility stays at compliance standard by conducting Management System Audits – internal audits.

We can help you design an annual plan for looking after the little things that become the big things at audit.  We work with major NZ Food Manufacturers to maintain a schedule of works for each and every area from production through to distribution.  We provide solutions for effective corrective actions and are constantly exploring improvements and new techniques to make your facility production safe and audit compliant.

High Level Clean in Progress


Be Prepared – the five P’s – Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

The auditor is looking for evidence that your system meets the requirements of the standard. Be prepared to provide that evidence for a successful audit:

  • We provide monthly reporting on actions completed, potential issues and audit failures. Each and every visit to your site is documented with photographic evidence along with written reports.
  • We look after the small things so you can concentrate on the big things
  • Call us today we would be happy to work through an annual plan for your manufacturing facility needs


                     Floor Clean in Progress



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