Commercial cleaning creates a healthy, happy workplace environment

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Over the years, workplaces have come to understand the value of commercial cleaning. While more of an effort is now made to ensure every workplace is clean and hygienic, there are still some businesses that fail to offer these simple standards to their employees.

As we recognise the need for quality commercial cleaning, we are proud to say that we now provide this service. After being approached by a number of businesses looking for a professional cleaning service, it made sense to become trusted providers.

Commercial cleaning should only be offered by a team who are qualified and experienced with the right skills and equipment to perform the job properly. Without this, you simply will not reap the full benefits of a clean workplace.

What are these benefits? Let’s take a look.

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A clean workplace is a healthy workplace

It may seem like an obvious place to start but too often workplaces neglect to realise the health benefits of a clean working environment.

This winter has been a season for many nasty viruses, including measles and a bad strain of flu. Unclean surfaces and poor air quality are two major culprits for spreading illness. This is why we should be extra vigilant at a time of year when staff are more prone to getting sick.

Employee health should be a focus for all managers and business owners. Commercial cleaners use specialised chemicals and equipment to clean surfaces with an antibacterial to remove bacteria-harbouring dust from all hard-to-reach places. We recommend workplaces to be cleaned once a day as well as a more in-depth, full workplace clean once a season.

If you’re not currently undergoing commercial cleaning, your workplace could be a breeding ground for illness. Reap the benefits of reduced sick days by providing a healthy workplace for your employees.

Commercial cleaning improves staff productivity

Employees are tasked with a number of jobs each day, none of which pertain to cleaning their workplace.

The time they take to clean various parts of the office is time away from the job they’re paid to do. You want to ensure you’re paying them for the work they contribute to the business, not for the cleaning they do around the office.

Employee time is precious, they have lives to lead outside of work too. Enough cleaning is done in their own home. This is not what they come to work for.

Not only is it unreasonable to ask your staff to clean on top of everything else they need to do, they simply don’t have the skills to tackle it properly. Sure, keeping their space tidy is an employee responsibility but commercial cleaning goes far beyond what one could do without specialised training.

Regular, scheduled cleans are thorough and efficient. Our team carry out commercial cleaning outside of your work hours to eliminate any disruption to your daily operations.

Save time and money with professional workplace cleans

Hiring a professional cleaning service should be viewed as an investment because, in the long run, it will certainly save you money.

If you think about how many days are lost to staff illness, you should look at all avenues to reduce this time.

Cleaning your workplace from top to toe on a regular basis will make a huge difference in how often your employees are off sick.

Kiwis are known for their outstanding work ethic here in NZ and while this is a great trait to have, it also means we come to work even when we’re sick and highly contagious. Before you know it, staff begin to drop like flies and you realise you’ve got multiple employees absent from work.

Remember, while they may not be at work, you’re still required to pay them for their sick day.

Firstly, make sure your staff know that they should stay home when they’re sick.

If not for them, then for the rest of the employees you are trying to keep healthy!

Secondly, ensure your workplace is thoroughly cleaned each day to reduce the possibility of more employees being affected by the same bacteria or virus.

Rapid team commercial cleaning

Minimise the spread of germs, improve air quality and enhance staff productivity all with regular commercial cleaning. We are happy to now offer this service and will keep cleanliness and hygiene to a high standard in your workplace.

Give your employees a healthy working environment they deserve. Call us today.

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