Roof and gutter maintenance clears debris after harsh winter weather

roof and gutter maintenance

After months of wild winter weather, there’ll be multiple areas of your commercial or industrial building that will be needing some serious attention. Your roofs and gutters will be particularly in need of a spring clean as they’re prime targets for winter debris. Let us clear the muck away for you with our roof and gutter maintenance services.

Spring is the season that we often remind our clients to schedule maintenance on various areas of their building. The leaves, dust and dirt that are blown around during winter all have to collect somewhere and that somewhere is often in the roofs and gutters.

Our roof and gutter maintenance services completely clear debris before it wreaks havoc on your gutters and downpipes.

We also resolve any damage that winter weather may have caused to your roofing and guttering materials.

Remember, roofs and gutters are areas that you can’t see.

They’re areas that need specialised equipment to access.

It is vital you give your roofs and gutters the attention they need after a wet and windy winter. Here’s why.

roof and gutter maintenance

Roof and gutter maintenance avoids catastrophe

You may think ‘catastrophe’ is a strong word to use here but, left unattended, clogged gutters and damaged roofs can have catastrophic repercussions.

Not only do clogged gutters and downpipes result in overflows and flooding, but the blockages can also cause major damage to the whole structure. It doesn’t take long before the build-up of debris leads to a full blockage and, unfortunately, you won’t know there’s been a blockage until you see the flooding.

At this point, serious damage control is needed to resolve the issue.

Your gutters and downpipes are there for a reason. They drain water away from your rooftop and prevent the water from entering your building. If the path is not clear and wide enough for the water to flow through, the effects will be disastrous.

The same goes for your roofing. While your roof may appear to be in good condition from ground level, the reality can be very different when you get up close and personal with roofing materials after a harsh winter.

That’s where we come in.

Our experienced and skilled team will get onto your roof and inspect the entire surface, checking for holes, mould and any other potential risks.

Have issues resolved on the spot

Whatever we find during our roof and gutter maintenance, we will resolve for you. Whether we repair it on the spot or repeat visits are required, your roof and gutters will be as good as new by the time we’re done.

There is no doubt that we will find large amounts of debris and moss and mould on your roof.

We understand the importance of keeping commercial and industrial buildings free from all of moss and mould and we will ensure we remove all traces of it.

Having had vast experience in roofing, our trained eyes are able to see anything that could pose a risk to your building.

Tiny holes and weaknesses in materials could mean major damage to your building in the future. We know what to look out for and we will be on top of it all. We are also able to construct new roofing and guttering if that’s what’s required.

Defend your building against all kinds of weather

While winter may be over, it doesn’t mean we won’t encounter harsh weather in the next few seasons. The purpose of roof and gutter maintenance at this time of year is to reset these areas and prepare them for any crazy weather to come.

Roof and gutter maintenance strengthens your building, providing it with the best defence against harsh weather conditions. From wild wind to the hot summer sun, your roof and gutters can be affected by all kinds of weather.

clearing debris from gutter

Spring is the perfect time to schedule maintenance on your building. After all, we don’t call it ‘spring cleaning’ for nothing.

After the intensity of winter weather, there will be many areas of your commercial or industrial building that need attention.

Roofing and guttering are particularly important at this time of year as the wind will have blown leaves, sticks, dust and dirt into these areas. As your roof will have had to fend off large amounts of rain during the winter season, roofing materials may have weakened and dampness may have resulted in moss and mould growth.

Before blockages, leakages and mould reach disaster level, give us a call to book your roof and gutter maintenance.

You’ll be surprised at how much your building needs it!

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