The best industrial dust extraction service – high level space vacuuming

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Both commercial and industrial premises are prone to high levels of dust and dirt particles. We are pleased to add a brand new service called ‘high-level space vacuuming’ or industrial dust extraction.

What is it?

An excellent way of cleaning those really high and hard to reach areas!

Dust can cause various issues particularly around health and food product contamination, so it would be wise to consider adding this service to your current cleaning regime.

If maintaining a clean and hygienic workplace, manufacturing or processing plant, industrial or commercial environment, then consider how an industrial dust extraction service may work for you.

The problem with dust and dirt particles

Dust and dirt can be found everywhere and in every country on the planet.

Both can consist of tiny particles and can either be harmless or harmful. It can cause allergic reactions or even respiratory problems if inhaled. 

When working in food production or food manufacturing plants – dust can be a problem.

But there is an easy fix – space vacuuming or industrial dust extraction. Whether it is inside or outside your building this service can help remove sometimes harmful dust particles.

Dust and dirt particles can build up over time – and often in high or difficult places to reach or clean.

Not only do you risk contaminating your products or setting off allergies your staff might have, but it also doesn’t look good either.

If you want to maintain a hygienic environment and clean appearance to customers and staff you should consider a high-level vacuum cleaning service.

Don’t take the risk!

Book a high-level space vacuum or industrial extraction service now!

Why is industrial dust extraction important?

Dust and dirt can contribute to contamination in food products if not kept in check which is not ideal.

Avoid it altogether by ensuring that your cleaning plan is up to scratch and that includes a space vacuuming or industrial extractor service.

Because we service many food manufacturing plants and industrial premises, we understand the importance of keeping up to date with Health and Safety requirements within the commercial cleaning industry.

Poor cleaning regimes just ‘dust’ but a high-level vacuuming service ‘extracts’ dust – removing it and not just wiping it away where it can end up recirculating back into the air.

What is high-level space vacuuming?

We use a powerful machine that removes dust from hard to reach areas, also known as industrial dust extraction.

It’s not just dusting – it’s much more than that.

Rather than wiping dust or even dirt away that you can physically see – our speciality machinery uses a powerful suction that removes dust from surfaces – where it is sealed away and can’t escape back out into the air.

Our highly trained staff will conduct a thorough clean of your surfaces with speciality equipment that means dust and dirt are removed safely and efficiently.

It works for both indoor and outdoor environments and can be used on a wide range of machinery, surfaces and so much more.

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Get into those hard to reach areas

The best thing about hiring experts in high-level space vacuuming or industrial dust extraction is that they can and will remove and extract dust in those hard to reach areas and spaces. 

Our experienced staff are specially trained in cleaning at high levels, in small spaces and really difficult to reach areas plus plenty more. We can safely operate this machinery in a wide range of industrial or commercial premises – either outside or inside your buildings.

We can offer you the best in industrial and commercial dust extraction services in New Zealand. 

Areas where dust can collect

  • Beams
  • Window sills and frames
  • Glass 
  • Interior or exterior ledges
  • Ventilation systems
  • Fans
  • Lighting
  • The top surfaces of machinery and equipment
  • Any area that is hard to reach!

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Find out more about our space vacuuming or industrial dust extraction service

If you want to learn more about high-level space vacuuming get in touch with us today. We can discuss your industrial or commercial site and needs.

Our motto is “We will do whatever others can’t or won’t”.

We have a strong commitment to health and safety, as well as our customer’s expectations.

The way we conduct ourselves is a reflection of the kind of business we strive to be. With integrity, honesty, and transparency, you can trust the Rapid team to get the job done right, every time.

All of our staff are fully trained and qualified in all of the services we offer, so our clients can have peace of mind the job will always be completed to the highest of standards.

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