Time for a spring clean! Why roof maintenance after winter weather is important

roof maintenance

For millennia, spring has been a time of rebirth, renewal and resurgence. For countless cultures around the world, spring was the time for optimism, planning and consolidation.

Today, spring is still recognised as all those things.

Winter is over, the days are getting longer, and summer is just around the corner. Perfect time to get everything in shape, fix anything that’s broken, and plan ahead for the next year.

It’s time for a spring clean, and if you own a business, roof maintenance is an essential part of that plan.

The harsh winter

Winter looks very different in New Zealand depending on which part of the country you’re in.

Here in Auckland, we don’t get snow, but down in the South Island, the snow can be over your head!

What Auckland doesn’t get in snow it makes up for in wind and rain – both things that can seriously damage a roof.

Winter is a tough time for structures, especially rooftops.

The extra weight of snowfall, the build-up of rainwater, the constant bombardment of the wind… come spring if you haven’t had your roof inspected already, now’s the time!

The scorching summer

And while winter is tough on rooftops, summer isn’t much easier!

Summer brings its own roof maintenance issues which need to be prepared for ahead of time.

The sunshine encourages moss and algae to grow, and at an astonishing pace. Over time, moss can take over your entire roof, adding weight to the structure and blocking drainage routes.

The sun is at its peak during these months and the UV rays combined with the heat of summer can dry out shingles and flat roof waterproofing causing cracks, peeling or even shrinking.

With a rise in temperature and humidity, the air in your home will also get hotter and more humid.

If your building is not ventilated then that hot air can rise and get trapped in your attic, leading to damage in the wood and possibly dry rot setting in.

This rot weakens the structure, not to mention the fact the mould is a serious health hazard to people.

flat roof in winter

Why roof maintenance is so important

Neglect of your roof maintenance can have catastrophic consequences.

A build-up of water because of a clogged drainpipe can cause a leak in the roof. That leak can go on to form a hole, and that hole can turn into a collapse.

A simple cheap inspection could save you tens of thousands of dollars down the line, if not your entire business.

But it doesn’t even have to be so drastic to be expensive.

If your gutters are clogged, all that rainwater has nowhere to go and just sits there.

And water is heavy.

A litre of water weighs a kilogram. A metre cubed of water weighs a metric tonne.

If your roof is 200 square metres, even a 1 cm deep rainfall is the equivalent of 2000 kilos.

If water is building up on your roof, there could literally be tonnes of extra weight bearing down on your gutters, drainpipes and shingles.

It’s only a matter of time before a disaster happens if your roof isn’t maintained properly.

Protect your building from the top down

A building without a roof, well, isn’t a building.

Roof maintenance and inspection are important all year round, but spring is the best time to do it.

You can check for any damage after the long, harsh winter and prepare for the scorching hot summer ahead.

And just because your roof looks okay from ground level doesn’t mean that it is.

The only way to tell what shape a roof is in, is through a proper inspection.

With our years of experience, we can spot trouble areas, even little things that could grow into serious issues if left unattended.

Remember, great oaks from little acorns grow. If you have even the smallest issue now, it could mean a devastating problem down the line.

From leaves and debris blocking gutters, to mould and damp infiltrating the structure, regular roof maintenance is an essential part of owning and operating a business.

Contact us today if you would like to know more about how we can help keep your rooftop in shape with a spring clean.

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