Spring clean your business using these industrial painting tips

Industrial painting tips

Owning a business doesn’t just mean making sure the books are balanced. You’ve got to look after your property too!

The building your company resides in is the first thing a client sees when they pull up in the car. It is the home of the company, where your brand lives, works and plays.

This first impression is crucial, especially when it comes to landing new clients. If your building looks unprofessional, then so do you.

That’s why it’s important to give it a good once-over, and when better than springtime?

With that in mind, here are some industrial painting tips for you to think about before you start.

It’s not like painting your bedroom

When it comes time to painting commercial premises, you can’t just nip down to Bunnings or Mitre 10 and buy a few litres of an egg-shell white emulsion.

Painting on an industrial scale is a big job, and hard work to boot. You need to plan it out, establish a budget before you begin, and invest in the right type of paint.

The latter is especially important because the performance and durability of an industrial painting job depend on the type of paint used.

Do your research first into what type of paint you need, including underlayers and coatings.

Colour is important

The quality of the paint is important, but so is the colour.

Colours play a vital role in our unconscious minds. Red, for example, is a very strong, powerful colour and represents danger. It creates a sense of urgency, and not the type of feeling you want in a dangerous environment like a factory floor.

Blues and greens are more relaxing, and should probably be used in areas where customers frequent, especially in waiting areas.

Orange and yellow can project a sense of warmth and fun, but they’re also used for caution, so don’t use them abundantly.

Using contemporary colour schemes is one of many great tricks to improve the overall look and feel of an industrial building.

Industrial painting

Paint can also have a practical function

Industrial premises tend to be dark, gloomy affairs, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Lighter shades of paint can reflect more light, making the environment brighter and more pleasant to work in.

But pain used in the right way can have a real-world practical impact.

Many buildings now have brightly coloured strips to guide people to different areas of the company.

This is used a lot in hospitals; follow the blue line for the x-ray dept, the green for outpatients, etc.

Bright colours such as red, yellow and orange can also be used in areas where extra caution needs to be taken, such as production floors or warehouses.

All of this needs to be thought out beforehand in order to maximise safety and efficiency.

Think about the logistics of it all

You can’t paint a corridor if people are constantly coming and going all day while they work. You can’t paint a room if people are sitting at their desks for eight hours breathing in the fumes.

Industrial painting is a large, complex job, and as such, needs to be planned out accordingly.

Whether that is as simple as doing a quick job over the weekend while everyone is off, moving employees to another room for a week, or even shutting down everything while a major reconstruction is carried out, it all needs to be planned in advance.

Don’t just wing it and hope for the best, like we said at the start of this post, industrial painting isn’t the same as painting your house.

Industrial painting in Auckland

Let us take care of it for you

The complexities, challenges and unforeseen issues that arise when it comes to painting industrial premises mean it’s a job best left done to the professionals.

Our industrial painting services extend across a wide range of industries, covering everything from food production factories to warehouse storage.

There is no simple, generic solution to industrial painting – each client is unique – but with our experience, skills and knowledge, we know exactly what’s best for you and your situation.

Contact us today and let’s organise a free, no-obligation quote to assess your building and what it’s going to take to give is a good spring clean.

These industrial painting tips are just the beginning when it comes to sprucing up your building, so don’t be afraid to ask us any questions before you start!

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