The reasons why business owners hire commercial cleaners

why business owners hire commercial cleaners

There are many hats a business owner has to wear; one is making sure your facility is clean.

And… the best way to achieve the cleanest, most spick-and-span work environment is to hire commercial cleaners.

Our work environment, whether that be retail stores, supermarkets, factories, hotels or schools, has a huge impact on our well-being and if it’s not clean, this can affect your employee’s productiveness and put them at risk of contracting viruses.

Keep reading to find more reasons why business owners choose to hire commercial cleaners.

Health and safety and hygiene standards

Meeting health and safety standards in any workplace is a vital aspect of running a business. However, the impact that the recent pandemic has had on today’s society has escalated the importance and need for a healthy work environment.

Maintaining the best health and safety standards can be a challenge, especially when you are trying to run a business. That’s why hiring commercial cleaners will help you minimise cross-contamination in factories, and increase machinery life, commercial equipment and provide acceptable cleaning standards.

With a regular commercial cleaning schedule in place, you can achieve a measurable foundation, while identifying and resolving any issues before they arise.

In addition, your business will be promoting a healthier, safer, and more trustworthy place to do business.

A clean business indicates a clean reputation

A business’s image, reputation, and identity can all be affected by the way it is presented. Keeping your facility clean also helps keep your business and brand clean too!

Have you ever walked into a commercial space and wanted to leave because the environment was dirty?

If a business can’t take care of its own workspace, it sends a message to consumers and employees that they may not be competent to look after their needs either.

All it takes is one complaint or health scare to damage a business’s reputation which is why working with commercial cleaners will ensure a clean reputation.

Reduce sickness and airborne viruses

Employees spend most of their waking time at work. The more germs that fester in your building, the more you’re putting them at risk of contracting a cold, the flu, or other viruses. Therefore, more employees will call in sick which will result in lost revenue.

Keeping on top of regular cleaning around your business is going to help eliminate, minimise, and reduce the number of bacteria on surfaces that can be picked up by people. By eliminating the spread of bacteria you’ll prevent a small problem from becoming a bigger one.

By letting commercial cleaners take care of the work for you, not only will your entire commercial space look spotless, but you and your staff will also feel reassured that surfaces that get touched often are sanitized regularly.

Why do business owners hire commercial cleaners

Prevent dangerous mould from growing

There should be no room in your commercial business for mould as the effects can be very harmful to your health and anyone that enters your building.

Fungus, moss, and mould attack the surfaces on which they live. If it is present in your building, it is only a matter of time before the effects can damage your building’s materials, resulting in expensive repair costs.

The best way to prevent mould growth is to keep your environment clean and dry. This is where professional commercial cleaners will be able to tackle every nook and cranny by using specialised treatments that are designed to eliminate any mould spores that may be present.

We treat all areas in and around industrial and commercial buildings, so if you think your workspace needs to be checked, then find out more here.

Commercial cleaners save you time and money

Hiring a commercial cleaner might seem like it’s an extra cost. However, it’s a good financial decision. When you pay for commercial cleaners, you will be getting a quality service without having to pay for expensive specialised solutions and heavy-duty supplies that require a lot of storage space.

If things get out of hand from poor cleaning maintenance, there’s a risk your entire operation may have to close while everything is cleaned to an acceptable standard.

Regular commercial cleaning helps prevent this scenario, and it also helps your office equipment and furniture last longer. Therefore, saving you money and time while your staff focus on what really matters – your business!

Commercial cleaners get the job done right

Commercial cleaners are usually trained to a higher degree, qualified to use specialised equipment and cleaning solutions, and are versed in Health & Safety guidelines.

One of the best reasons to hire commercial cleaners is simply because they know what they are doing. They have all the tools, experience, and training to deliver exceptional results in the most efficient way possible.

A professional cleaning company can remove dirt, grime, bacteria and much more from any kind of commercial space and prevent hazards that put your employees at risk of injury.

Our commercial cleaning services

We have been identified as a trusted, safe contractor through our PREQUAL Certification, giving our customers full transparency about our health and standards. This assurance that we will be equipped with the right gear and skills is invaluable and we’re proud to offer it to all our customers.

Our services apply to a wide range of commercial and industrial premises, including:

  • Building maintenance
  • Industrial painting
  • Antimicrobial treatments
  • Bird deterrents
  • Moss and mould treatments
  • Floor maintenance

With our expert divisions available 24/7, we can work outside of your operational hours to avoid any disruption in your workplace. We provide highly trained experts for all our individual services.

Here's why business owners hire commercial cleaners.

Work with commercial cleaners you can trust

Offering the best commercial cleaning services is more than just doing a high-quality job. It’s about listening to your customers, tailoring commercial cleaning services to each of them, having a great team, and a commitment to health and safety.

While our customers invest in us, we invest in our staff, equipment, and company to make sure that every time we complete a job it is to the best of our ability.

Our team is highly skilled and experienced with all types of cleaning services, whether it be industrial, indoors, outdoors, big or small businesses – we cover them all!

Get your building hygienically sound and looking spotless by hiring the best commercial cleaners in the greater Auckland region. You can book a site visit and quote or find out more by contacting us today!

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