Why we use mobile elevated work platforms for industrial cleaning

Mobile elevated work platform at Tip Tops industrial building.

Since their introduction more than fifty years ago, mobile elevated work platforms, or MEWPs, have become increasingly popular in the industrial cleaning industry. We use these innovative machines to provide a safe and secure way of working at height, in comparison to traditional scaffolding, which has several drawbacks. But what are the benefits of MEWPs?

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What are the different types of mobile elevated work platforms?

We recognise the importance of selecting the right equipment for every job. There are various mobile elevated work platforms that we use consistently in our work, including:

  • Scissor lifts – traditionally used for jobs that require a stable vertical lift that can reach heights of several metres. We often use these MEWPs for industrial painting jobs.
  • Knuckle lifts – these are the most commonly used mobile elevated work platform we use. They provide excellent reach and manoeuvrability, with more ability to reach tricky angles than scissor lifts.
  • Trailer-mounted boom lifts – these are more suitable for larger outdoor projects that require a higher reach such as gutter cleaning.

What jobs require a mobile elevated work platform?

There are several types of jobs that we undertake that necessitate the use of a mobile elevated work platform. The most common two would be industrial painting and commercial cleaning. As you can see in the image below, we used a MEWP when tasked with rejuvenating the headquarters of Tip Top, which required several coats of paint while keeping safe at heights.

Mobile elevated work platforms used at Tip Top

We also use these types of machinery for placing bird-proof netting into factories and warehouse facilities, as well as when we clean high windows and hard-to-reach surfaces. We also operate a mobile elevated work platform when cleaning gutters and rooftops. As we mentioned before, MEWPs provide a wide range of applications, which makes them ideal for jobs involving working at height in both indoor and outdoor settings.

What are the pros and cons of mobile elevated work platforms?

The first pro would have to be the superior safety and versatility of a mobile elevated work platform. Scaffolding tends to require significant set-up time, particularly to ensure it is safe to use. Despite this, it still poses a significant risk to staff.

MEWPs provide a flat surface for workers to stand on. They are also driven by power and designed to access hard-to-reach areas and manoeuvre around strange angles. Despite their size, MEWPs are surprisingly easy to set up and transport, especially when working with an experienced provider like us.

Worksafe New Zealand has strict regulations around working at height, requiring safety measures to be clearly outlined and considered for every job. You can view these guidelines here. MEWPs are the easiest way of adhering to these principles and keeping our colleagues safe.

The second pro would be the ease of carrying heavy tools and machinery. Special materials can be taken directly to where they are needed easily, rather than forcing workers to lug them up and down scaffolds or ladders.

The one con that is sometimes questioned is that mobile elevated work platforms can cost more to operate. They also cost a fair amount to hire from existing companies. These machines may require transportation to and from jobs which can increase the price, but we work hard to ensure they are a reasonable expense for our clients because they make up for the cost by being far more time efficient. By using MEWPs, we can get the job done in half the time it would take to put up and take down the scaffolding.

Rapid Facilities industrial mobile elevated work platform.

We are industry leaders in operating mobile elevated work platforms!

MEWPs are fast becoming an essential tool across several industries in New Zealand. Their versatility is second to none and they are far safer to work from than traditional scaffolding. Although initial costs can be more, they do get the job done faster and their ability to reach difficult spaces in many settings is invaluable.

We use these trusty machines to maintain efficiency across almost all of our maintenance and cleaning jobs, including industrial painting, cleaning, bird proofing and gutter cleaning. We take pride in training our staff to operate these machines safely by sending them on state-of-the-art training courses. Be sure and check out our industrial cleaning services, popular birdproofing services and birdproofing solutions blog post.

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