How food safety audits promote reliable food production

As a food production business, your top priority should always be to ensure your customers get high-quality, safe products. Food safety is critical to the success of your business because a single incident of food poisoning or contamination can cause irreparable damage to your brand’s reputation. Food safety audits and consistent cleaning are essential to a thriving food production business.

We offer comprehensive, expert services in audit cleaning. This is to help our clients in the food industry maintain high hygiene and food safety standards so that they are not put into any problematic situations when the food safety auditors come knocking.

So, what are the benefits of food safety auditing?

And why is it important to keep cleaning your food production premises? Find out more below! 

What is the food safety audit process?

The food safety audit process usually begins with a pre-audit assessment, where the auditor will determine the scope of the audit, the specific areas that will be examined and the documents required to complete the audit.

 The auditor will then conduct an on-site inspection and review documents such as food safety policies and procedures and employee training records to ensure high standards are being met.

During the inspection, the auditor will evaluate the condition of the production equipment, facilities and building structure. They will also observe employee practices and conduct a walk-through of the food production process.

After the on-site inspection, the auditor will review the audit findings with the company’s management team. The audit report will detail each finding and provide recommendations where necessary.

The management team may then take corrective actions to address the identified non-conformances and improve the overall food safety management system so they are complying with the strict food safety standards of New Zealand.

What are the benefits of auditing in the food industry?

Food safety auditing is a critical component of food production. It assures that a food production business is meeting the necessary health and safety standards set by regulators. Auditing helps to identify potential hazards that could affect the safety of the food, such as biological, chemical and physical contaminants. It also assures consumers of product safety, building trust and protecting your brand and reputation.

Proper food safety practices can also help to reduce the risk of foodborne illness outbreaks and ensure a safer overall working environment. Regular auditing can help to identify areas that need improvement, resulting in a better quality of output, efficiency and cost savings in the long term.

Food safety audits and cleaning promote reliable food production.

What is the purpose of a food safety audit?

A food safety audit aims to ensure that food is being produced safely and that the company complies with relevant regulatory requirements and industry ‘best practices’. It also helps to identify gaps in the current food safety management system, which can then be addressed to improve the overall safety and quality of the food. The audit will review all aspects of the food production process, including handling, processing, storage and transportation.

Why choose Rapid Facilities?

We understand the importance of food safety audits and cleaning to ensure reliable production. Our team of experts has the necessary skills and experience to provide a comprehensive cleaning service that meets the highest hygiene and food safety standards so that you are fully prepared for when the auditors arrive to conduct their audit.

We can help your business:

  • Stay compliant with food safety regulations and standards
  • Identify hazards and risks that can impact food safety
  • Improve production efficiency and save on costs
  • Build and maintain customer trust and brand reputation

We’re here to help!

You must conduct regular deep cleaning of your food production business to ensure you meet food safety audit standards. They are necessary to protect customers from pollution, pathogens and other hazards that can make them sick. Regulatory authorities and the public expect businesses in the food industry to ensure their food is safe, and failure to do so can have far-reaching consequences.

We provide comprehensive audit cleaning services that help businesses in the food industry meet regulatory requirements, reduce risks and build customer trust.

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