Optimise shutdown periods with our food manufacturing cleaning

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Are you looking to make the most of your shutdown periods in the food manufacturing industry? We offer comprehensive cleaning services specifically tailored to optimise your shutdown operations.

Our expertise in manufacturing and confined space cleaning services ensures that your production areas are thoroughly cleaned, maintaining a safe and efficient working environment.

Shut down manufacturing cleaning – what is it and why it’s important

Shutdown work is when we enter production areas with large access equipment and complete confined space work. These jobs can’t be done at the weekend; therefore, the facility being cleaned will be periodically shut down.

During shutdown periods, addressing the visible dirt and grime and the hard-to-reach areas that can harbour contaminants is essential. This is where our team excels!

We understand that confined spaces, such as the interior of silos, require special attention. For instance, flour silos pose a unique challenge due to their explosive nature. Our experienced technicians adhere to strict safety protocols, ensuring that gas levels are continuously monitored to safeguard the well-being of our staff and prevent potential accidents.

Manufacturing cleaning is crucial for maintaining the highest cleanliness and safety standards in your facility. The build-up of dust, dirt, and other contaminants in your production areas can not only compromise product quality but also pose a significant risk to the health and safety of your employees.

Benefits to cleaning during shutdown

Food manufacturing cleaning during a shutdown period is critical in maintaining food safety and preventing microbial contamination in food processing facilities. Routine cleaning alone is not always sufficient to eliminate all potential sources of contamination.

Our industrial cleaning services go beyond routine cleaning by involving a more detailed and thorough disassembly of equipment to clean hard-to-reach areas.

One of the key benefits is the prevention of microbial cross-contamination of product contact surfaces or the product itself. Harborage sites (a growth niche in which bacteria or other microorganisms can reside and grow for months and possibly years) in proximity to product contact surfaces can provide an environment for pathogens to grow and form biofilms.

These biofilms can serve as a source of contamination, eventually contaminating the product stream. However, these potential harborage sites can be identified and cleaned before they lead to product contamination. In addition to preventing cross-contamination, proper food safety cleaning offers other advantages:

  • Pests can be discouraged from infesting the equipment.
  • Improves the reliability of equipment by ensuring that all parts are in good working condition.
  • Allows for identifying wear and tear, corrosion, or other equipment performance issues.
  • Reduce the risk of foodborne illness outbreaks and ensure a safer overall working environment.
  • Prevent costly equipment repairs in the future.
  • Peace of mind that your facility has been cleaned to the highest of standards.
Yellow knuckle lift inside warehouse.

Specialised equipment and expertise

Our team utilises large access equipment and access machinery to tackle the tricky spots in your manufacturing facility.

Our trained professionals are well-versed in safely navigating tall walls, ceilings, and flat surfaces such as cable trays and structural beams, where dust and dirt accumulate over time. We specialise in working with heights, enabling us to remove moss, mould, fungus, grime, airborne salt, grease, and much more in all hard-to-reach places.

Our confined space cleaning services are specifically designed to address the unique challenges posed by restricted areas. Silos, for example, require meticulous cleaning to prevent potential hazards. Our team is equipped with industrial confined space cleaning expertise, ensuring that no space goes untouched!

We understand the critical role of periodic equipment cleaning in keeping your production areas operating smoothly. With our services, you can rest assured that your facility will meet regulatory compliance and achieve the highest level of cleanliness and safety.

Our industrial cleaning services include:

  • Ceiling cavities
  • Cleaning of high and confined spaces
  • Site tidies
  • Cleaning roofs, gutters, and downpipes
  • External building washes
  • Window cleaning
  • Workshop and warehouse cleans
  • Silo and tank cleaning
  • Drain cleaning
  • Cleaning of high and confined spaces
  • Building and construction tidies
  • Stairway cleans
  • Factory, brewery and mill cleaning

Partner with Rapid Facilities

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimise your shutdown periods with our industry-leading services. Talk to one of our experienced team members today and confidently secure your industrial clean.

We’re experienced professionals certified in handling and applying certified chemicals and qualified to work with heights. By partnering with us, you can be confident that your facility will meet regulatory requirements and exceed expectations.

Investing in our professional cleaning services during your shutdown periods can create a clean and hygienic environment that promotes productivity and reduces the potential for accidents and contamination.

Contact us now and experience the difference of working with Rapid Facilities. We’ll ensure your shutdown periods are maximised for efficiency and productivity.

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