Moss and mould can creep into buildings in areas that we’re not able to see. Without specialised equipment, it’s almost impossible to know if your building is being attacked by moss and mould.

Moss and mould grow inside ceiling cavities, walls, ducting shafts, rooftops and gutter linings. If you’re able to see moss and mould, it’s highly likely that growth is severe and professional help is required.

To keep a healthy workplace environment, your building must be completely free of moss and mould. Mould releases harmful spores into the air that can make your building’s occupants very unwell.

Regular moss and mould checks and treatments go a long way in ensuring the health of your building and employees.

Fast, effective moss and mould solutions

For fast and effective moss and mould removal, Rapid Facility Services treat all areas in and around industrial and commercial buildings.

Our team are specialised in handling chemicals and can provide treatments specific to the type of moss or mould present in your building. With expert knowledge behind us, we can get the job done efficiently.

We have a large range of chemicals that remove moss and mould from problem areas, including all hard-to-reach spaces. After assessing the substrates, the Rapid team will determine what chemicals and equipment are needed to give your building the best results.

The key is to not only have the right chemicals and equipment, but also the right people to tackle the job. Our motivated NZQA qualified professionals have a can-do attitude that enables them to treat any moss and mould problem in any building.

Give us a call. We deliver the services that you need.