How we put great customer service at the core of what we do

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Great customer service is the backbone of a successful business. As customers, we expect to receive it. As a company, we strive to achieve it.

We have learnt a lot about customer service in our time.

And what we know for certain, is that it’s vital to get to know your customers in order to understand and exceed their expectations. All customers are different which is why taking the time to listen and learn will enhance your chances of delivering the best possible customer service.

We’re happy to be known for our excellence in customer service and this is something we never take for granted.

Customer service should be an area of continuous improvement. We know there is always more we can learn, and we keep striving to learn new ways to deliver great customer service to all of our clients.

Three ways we achieve great customer service as a team

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We listen to our customers

Listening to your customer may seem simple but all too often customers find themselves in a situation where their needs haven’t been met purely because they haven’t been listened to.

Listening is considered a skill because it involves putting aside what we feel is the ‘right way’ and taking on new perspectives.

Listening involves patience and requires your full attention.

Each time we meet with our customers, we open our minds and prepare to listen with intent. All in all, we ensure we come away with a complete understanding of what it is our customers want to gain from our services. From there we can develop ways to go beyond their expectations.

While we offer our expert advice at all times, we never assume we know what our clients want. The last thing we want is for our customers to feel like they weren’t involved in the process. Keeping our customers happy is our number one priority and we do all that we can to get this right.

We learn who our customers are

All of our customers are different.

Each company is unique and each personality is different.

We believe that treating all customers with individualism is an important part of achieving great customer service.

Every interaction with our customers is an opportunity to learn.

We learn about them.

We learn about their company.

We keep up with any changes to staff or operations to ensure we always have a good understanding of who our customers are at all times.

It makes sense to us to know about the people who keep our business thriving. We can’t expect to interact with them well if we don’t know them on a personal level.

All Rapid team members have the opportunity to build rapport with our customers and enjoy friendly interactions.

At the end of the day, we want our relationships with our customers to be long term.

By listening to them and learning about them, we build a solid foundation for a lasting commitment.

We go the extra mile

As a customer, one of the most satisfying things is to feel like someone has gone the extra mile for you. Even the smallest gesture can have a lasting effect and it’s hard not to feel delighted when you receive this level of customer service.

At Rapid, we discuss the moments when this has happened for us. Where we were, how it happened and what we can to do make our customers feel this way.

We’ve learnt that there are many ways we can exceed our customers’ expectations.

Some are simple and some are complex.

From encouraging feedback from our customers to training our staff in the art of excellent customer service, we aim to go over and above on every job.

Since we first began, we made a conscious decision to always go the extra mile for our customers.

Over time, exceeding our customers’ expectations has become a natural element of our services.


Our motto “we do what others can’t or won’t do” was one of the first things we came up with when we created Rapid Facility Services.

We felt this motto spoke for itself and outlined the type of company we strive to be for our customers.

Without our customers, there would be no Rapid Facility Services.

For this reason alone, our customers are the single most important part of our ever-evolving company.

We’re always learning new ways to boost our customer service skills and, each time a new client comes on board, we get excited about showing them exactly what great customer service means.

Our services span from food safety cleaning to industrial painting and everything in between.

If you’re looking for a company who will always put you first, give us a call today. We can’t wait to meet you.

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