How Food Safety Manufacturing Audits ensure safety and quality

Food safety audits

Food safety manufacturing audits are one of the most important criteria for audits involved when producing food.

Every time you purchase food or drink for consumption, it’s important for you to know they came from somewhere safe.

Developing trust in your company’s food safety comes from ensuring that your company has all the right processes, procedures, and cleaning standards from the get-go.

What is a food safety manufacturing audit?

Food quality audits are important checks required by all businesses in the food manufacturing industry.

A qualified auditor or verifier will visit your manufacturing plant to ensure quality control and that food is being handled safely.

They will also check your equipment and cleaning procedures among other things.

A food safety audit focuses on gathering information about a food business to identify any areas of potential improvement in the business’s safety processes and systems. It also identifies areas of the business that have deficiencies and the appropriate action to correct any deficiencies.

food safety check

The purpose of food safety systems

Audits are compulsory and a standard part of businesses producing, processing, or manufacturing food products for public consumption. 

New Zealand has its own high standards developed by the Ministry of Primary Industries.

The objective of this food safety system is to provide safe and suitable food in New Zealand and for export. MPI creates, monitors, and develops legislation that covers all areas of food safety, including production, processing, transport, and retailing.

The New Zealand safety system extends from “farm to fork”. It covers all food and beverages for human consumption, as well as pet foods, animal feed, and agricultural compounds, and veterinary medicines (ACVMs). – Ministry of Primary Industries

The purpose of food safety audits is to prevent the risk of the unsafe consumption of food and to protect consumer health. These audits help identify any potential food safety risks involved in making food and identify procedures to remove those risks.

What is our part in food safety audits?

We have a knowledgeable and trained team that understands the legislation, standards, and requirements in the food manufacturing industry. Food safety especially in industrial and commercial areas can be complex, we know that.

How clean is your food factory?

We help you prepare for a food safety audit by ensuring your workplace hygiene, cleanliness and maintenance are at the standard they need to be.

Our specialists will create tailored regular checks and programs to help you keep on top of your requirements.

We provide monthly reporting on actions completed, potential issues, and audit failures. Each and every visit to your site is documented with photographic evidence along with written reports.

We look after the small things so you can concentrate on the big things.

Here are just some of the examples of what we cover:

  • Check openings and seal to eliminate pest access
  • Monitor and clean dust layers at height above production, packing, and warehousing areas
  • Checks for flaky, peeling, or hazardous paint anywhere in your production area
  • Ceiling cavities cleaned
  • Internal and external vents and ducting cleaned
  • Floors maintained and sealed
  • Clean and sanitise buildings
  • Removal and pest prevention in production, packing, warehousing, and distribution areas
  • Removal, monitoring, and prevention of moss, mould, and gunge build-up 
  • Check and clean manufacturing equipment
  • Much more – just ask us!

What qualifications and certifications do we have?

One thing we pride ourselves on is having trained, knowledgeable, and well-equipped staff. We offer our team ongoing specialist training so they are kept up to date with the latest requirements and legislations in the food safety industry.

Yes we are PREQUAL qualified

We are proudly an Impac PREQUAL qualified company. 

PREQUAL is a New Zealand standard that provides a rigorous and independent service to pre-qualify contractors.

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