Why commercial food hygiene is more complex than you think

Man finds something gross in his food

Commercial food hygiene failures:  listeria found in cheese, e-coli in meat, or tiny pieces of metal in food products?

Pretty off-putting isn’t it – not to mention the health side of things.

These embarrassing commercial food hygiene failures are situations that can be avoided altogether when you adhere to the appropriate standards in commercial food hygiene production.

Food safety is everyone’s business. Both food production and food manufacturing factories are busy places. They are also a hub for micro-organisms, bacteria, dirt, viruses, and foodborne illnesses and many things more.

Hygiene in food production is complex – from the different spaces that need cleaning to the appropriate chemicals that need to be used. A knowledgeable skilled cleaning team should be used routinely to keep on top of this and assist in preventing your products from being contaminated by harmful bacteria.

Why food hygiene is a priority in commercial food production

Hygiene in food production is something you should never become complacent about.

We often hear in the news about people being adversely affected by contaminated food and foodborne illnesses. Just recently there was an outbreak of listeria in the North Island city of Tauranga.

“Authorities are urgently trying to find the source of the dangerous bacteria which can be found in raw fish, processed meat, hummus and many other cold foods” – NZ Herald.

The damage of finding harmful bacteria in your product is not a road you want to go down, trust us. The consequences are severe – from damage to your brand, loss of customers, and people avoiding your products completely.

Beyond the prevention of harmful micro-organisms, keeping your food production factory in top shape will help improve many things such as:

  • Creating a hygienic, safe and healthy environment for staff and customers
  • Deterring other pests like flies, mice and cockroaches
  • Reducing workplace accidents from slipping and spills etc
  • Avoiding cross-contamination between different food items

Create a healthier, safer workplace environment by making sure you have the right protocols in place in your food production factory.

ecoli bacteria food hygiene

How clean is your factory?

Most businesses in the food production industry understand the importance of paramount safety and hygiene standards. As do we.

Food production factories don’t have to be massive buildings to have bacteria.

Small, medium or large food production factories still have many nooks, crannies, and crevices here and there and a million different surfaces for bacteria to live on.

New Zealand has very strict hygiene standards for workplaces involved in food production, but did you know that according to the World Health Organisation worldwide, 1 in 10 people die every day from consuming contaminated food?

From the growing, handling, harvesting, processing, and manufacturing of your food product, there are protocols and standards put in place by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority that must be adhered to. Having routine cleans as well as pre-audit cleans are the best and only way to keep on top of hygiene in food factory operations.

Every food production factory will require different protocols, chemicals, and a clear approach to follow a strict cleaning regime.

The complexities of the level of santisation involved depend on what it is that is being produced, how big the factory is, how many staff, how much equipment is used in food production and plenty more.

To avoid a bad scenario – the cleanliness and sanitisation of your food production factory need to be taken seriously.

What to look for in a commercial food hygiene cleaning company?

There are so many different cleaning companies out there and it can be hard to decide.

What all food production and manufacturing companies need to look for in a food hygiene cleaning team is the knowledge, experience, and qualifications and of the company carrying out the clean.

Speciality cleaners must have knowledge of your particular industry.

Be completely safety conscious and understand all the hidden and often overlooked areas within a food production factory. The right tools and equipment are also non-negotiable.

A good cleaning company will take the worry and stress off your shoulders. You will know you are in good hands and that your hygiene standards are at a level that is exactly where they need to be.

Your cleaners should have a scheduled and detailed routine clean that fits your operations and be able to work around the production of your food while causing minimal disruption.

Where most cleaners will clean a million different surfaces – our team will clean a million and one.

We always go the extra mile for our clients because we feel as strongly as they do about hygienic and safe workplaces. We are dedicated to keeping your commercial food hygiene and general cleaning standards up to best practice.

We are leading experts in food safety cleaning, industrial cleaning, building maintenance, commercial cleaning, industrial painting, and plenty more!

Our team are qualified, experienced, and approach all our clients’ work with a good attitude and the right equipment. We’ve demonstrated our ability and knowledge of food hygiene in production factories across New Zealand.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more about the food production hygiene services we can offer your business.

Call us anytime – we are always ready to help.




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