Your complete guide to all our industrial and commercial business services

Commercial business services

We can all appreciate when a place of business looks good. A well-kept commercial business looks well maintained, eye-catching, and welcoming. We have created a complete guide to all the industrial and commercial business services you’ll ever need so your business premises will stand out and create a good lasting impression for your visitors.

It is by no means an exhaustive list but a general guide of industrial and commercial services you should know about.

We’ve got all the industrial and commercial business services you need to keep your business looking great and make it a place you and your staff can be proud of.

Our key focus is on health and safety. Whether it’s how we work, your staff, or your business we take safety seriously.

We are also an IMPAC Prequal qualified company – so rest assured you are in excellent hands.

Building maintenance

Regular building maintenance is a key commercial business service that should be added to your general business maintenance plan.

Whether it’s for commercial or industrial premises, scheduling regular building maintenance is going to help you to keep on top of things. Consider it an investment for your brand and business imagery.

Having a regular business maintenance programme helps to prevent your business from getting to the point of incurring any major repairs which can include high costs. However, our highly skilled team can be called in for one-off repairs, or on ‘as you need’ basis.

Some of the many services we offer in building maintenance include:

  • Line marking
  • Carpentry
  • Fencing
  • Plastering
  • Tiling
  • Leak fixes
  • Door handle and window latch repairs
  • General maintenance
  • Graffiti removal

We offer many more commercial business services in the building maintenance area. If there’s something else you would like more information on please give us a call to discuss more.

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Flooring maintenance

Flooring maintenance is so important for workplace health and safety. Keeping on top of regular flooring maintenance is an essential commercial business service and should be included as part of your cleaning and general maintenance plan.

Floors are high traffic areas, with plenty of everyday use. It’s important to ensure that they are not only kept clean, but repairs are done promptly or prevented altogether.

Workplace accidents happen every day in New Zealand.

“Risks arise from hazards in the workplace. Hazards can be many things. A slippery floor is a hazard, as is a machine that is not properly guarded – New Zealand Government

Every business should be doing their part to avoid accidents like trips and falls from spills or worn flooring.

Industrial painting

They always say a lick of paint can do wonders, and trust us it does. If peeling, chipped, or old paint is a problem then industrial painting is the commercial business service you need.

Industrial and commercial premises are tricky spaces with lots of nooks and crannies.

A coat of paint will freshen up your interior and exterior space dramatically. Peeling paint in commercial and industrial areas can also be a hazard. Especially if it’s a building where food manufacturing is the main activity – you can’t afford to take the risk of food being contaminated by paint.

If you’re a landlord of an industrial or commercial building, having your investment painted and looked after will attract good tenants and a good price for rent.

Our team understands the different needs and requirements depending on the materials in a building. Different paint and application techniques are required.

Our industrial painting services include:

  • Roof restoration
  • Poly-panel recoating
  • Gas line painting
  • Food industry specialised VOC-free coating systems
  • Flaky paint removal and recoating
  • Full building paints – interior and exterior
  • Office painting

Industrial and commercial cleaning

A regular scheduled clean of your business is critical and a commercial business service you need. We can remove the stress knowing that everything is taken care of by our experienced people.

For example, there are some key differences between industrial and commercial cleaning, and our professional cleaning team understands this. Both require different use of chemicals, different cleaning techniques, equipment and different strategies to make sure your business is kept hygienic and squeaky clean.

Antimicrobial treatments

Antimicrobial treatments are a stringent cleaning service we provide for food production and manufacturing plants. These work to remove the build-up of dirt, grease, food particles and so much more. It’s an essential part of keeping your business healthy and safe, and also helps to meet your food safety requirements. Find out more about this service here.

Audit Cleaning

Another industrial and commercial business service we offer our clients is Audit cleans. These are another very specific cleaning service related to the safety of food production or manufacturing. Whether it is a dairy plant, brewery or winery – our team have solid training and experience in these areas.

Moss and mould treatments

Moss and mould are a key industrial and commercial service that benefits every business. Unfortunately, moss and mould are a common problem and hides in places you never would have thought of. Our staff are highly equipped to tackle this problem, and it can be added to your regular cleaning regime. We have all the equipment and our staff are fully trained for spaces that have high ceilings, hard to get to places and small spaces.

We can do exterior and interior mould and moss treatments, as well as treating for lichen, algae, and other harmful growths. Read more about our speciality moss and mould treatments here.

roof and gutter maintenance

Bird proofing and deterrents

If birds are a problem around your industrial or commercial building – we are here to help. We are a leading provider of humane and cost-effective solutions in this area.

Bird droppings can carry bacteria, and if not kept on top of they can lead to the contamination of products. Beyond that it doesn’t look great, can give off a foul odour and actually damage the paint or other materials around your business where they hang out.

We have proven methods of helping deter or proofing your premises to avoid a bird infestation. While many people love birds, it is better to see them nesting in their natural environment rather than the roof of your building.

Why choose us for your commercial business services?

Whatever the industrial or commercial business service you are after we have a solution.

This guide is a general indication of some of the areas we cover but is by no means an exhaustive list.

Get in touch to find out more about the range of commercial services we can offer you.

We live by our motto “we do what others can’t or won’t do”

We are 100% committed to ensuring you not only get quality services but great customer service too. We’d love to meet you and discuss your commercial business service requirements, get in touch today.


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