Building maintenance

Your business premises could be making bad impressions on your customers and you may not even know it. You only have 7 seconds to make a good impression on your customers and yes that includes your industrial or commercial business premises. Uncared and unmaintained business premises can become a headache for you and a sight for sore eyes, but the amazingly good news is that this can all be avoided by scheduling regular building maintenance checks. 

Because first impressions count even for buildings. Would it be fair to say that your business premises are a representation of your brand and business identity? 

And yes, many people are shopping online – but you’ve heard of Google Street View, right?

It’s important to keep on top of regular maintenance for many reasons.

The way you present your business to your customers is one good reason.

What do they think when they see your business?

Or, what do you want them to think should be the question you’re asking?

As well as giving that first important impression of your business premises, investing in regular building maintenance will also save you money on unnecessary and major repairs that can easily be prevented by simply having a maintenance schedule.

I enter a building, see a room, and – in the fraction of a second – have this feeling about it, Peter Zumthor.

If you want to keep your building maintained and stand out from your competitors, then read on for all you need to know about building maintenance.

What is building maintenance?

Building maintenance, particularly in commercial and industrial environments, encompass many things you may not even have thought of. The core purpose is to ensure everything is operating as safely and smoothly as possible within your business building.

Building maintenance will cover everything from checking windows and door latches (security), leaks, wear and tear on high traffic areas like flooring, to more general tidy ups.

If you choose the right company to help with your building maintenance, they can be your one-stop-shop.

We all know how costly repairs can be, but more than that they have a direct effect on the image and quality of your business and brand.

Scheduling regular building maintenance check-ups wherever possibly is so important. We would recommend this is included in your business plan as it is an essential part of protecting your brand, your business, and your asset.

Building maintenance is the regular monitoring, inspection, and repairs of everything inside and outside your business. It’s looking after your physical asset in its entirety. Whether it’s a touch-up paint job, to repairing small or big problems – it’s going to benefit you in the long run.

Think about it in terms of quality – how does your building look outside, what is the indoor environment like?

A clean, tidy and well-kept business mean staff and customers like being there. They don’t have to worry about uneven floors and hazards like trips and falls. A well-looked after and well-maintained business feels clean, professional, safe and secure. If that’s what you’re after for your business or asset then you really need to consider how regular business maintenance is going to benefit you. Because it will.

Unnecessary wear and tear

Regular building maintenance helps you avoid unnecessary wear and tear and damages to your building. Imagine having to shut up shop because of a leak that was small and has now turned into a flooded floor?

Yes, what can be small easy to fix repairs can get expensive if you’re not on to it straight away.

The purpose of building maintenance is to inspect, maintain and repair a whole range of things within your business. It will increase the longevity of your building thereby protecting your asset and prevent small problems from growing into big ones.

Beyond checking for a wide range of things, regular building maintenance ensures your premises are kept secure and safe. For example, a broken fence paling or even a window that doesn’t close properly can be security issues.

building maintenance checks

What to expect from a routine building maintenance check

What we can guarantee you, is that our staff are thorough when they come to do building maintenance checks. Communication is key to ensuring everything runs smoothly.

A good team will have a list of building maintenance checks such as:

  • Roofing
  • Complete painting services or paint touch-ups
  • Ceiling, wall and floor checks
  • Checking for leaks or water damage
  • Window cleaning
  • Graffiti removal
  • Tiling and plastering
  • Check for moss, mould and other damaging growths
  • Drain cleaning
  • Pest control
  • Fencing
  • Line marking
  • Lawn care and gardening
  • And a whole lot more!

We’ve specifically selected our staff to deal with our building maintenance service, they are trained, experienced, and knowledgeable in all areas of building maintenance whether it’s commercial or industrial.

Why choose us for your building maintenance?

The point of scheduling regular building maintenance is so you don’t have to worry about it.

Regular checks in and around your commercial or industrial premises will help you keep on top of everything. All you have to do is make a time and a day whether it’s once a month or once every few months.

If you want a team that cares about the way your business presents itself through its premises then we are the team to call. We understand how the physical part of your building becomes a collective approach to the representation of your brand and business identity. And, that’s why we are one of New Zealand’s leading commercial and industrial servicing companies.

We have a team who are trained in carpentry and building repairs. They know what to look out for and will inform you as soon as they spot a problem and how to resolve it. Our team is equipped with the ‘know-how’ and a ‘can-do attitude’.

Get in touch with us to see how our knowledgeable and friendly team can help you with your regular building maintenance.

“We do what others can’t or won’t do” – The Rapid Team


Andrew Chan