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Keeping your business looking good is beneficial for a number of reasons and industrial pressure washing services can help you achieve this in many ways.

Now that we are in spring you will probably find the remainder of winter weather on many outdoor areas around your business, from mould and mildew on the exterior of your building, to grimy windows and mossy driveways.

With industrial pressure washing services you can wash away the build-up of grime, dirt, and so much more that has accumulated over the winter. If you want your business to look clean, hygienic and sharp, a high pressure clean will give you that result.

Whatever industry you’re in industrial pressure washing can certainly improve the state of your building.

What are industrial pressure washing services?

High pressure cleaning or pressure washing is a cleaning service where a powerful narrow jet of water is used to clean surfaces. A high or low pressure wash is great at removing dirt, grime, mould and moss growths, dust, pollen, and even graffiti and chewing gum. An industrial pressure clean or wash is great for vehicles as well and there are options to have either a high or low clean.

It’s perfect for prepping surfaces by removing loose paint and cleaning windows to remove spider webs and more.

Industrial high pressure cleaning can be added to your cleaning regime regularly or even as a one-off service to get your building looking great.

In an industrial environment, it is critical to hire a cleaning service professionally trained for the job, with the correct equipment and know-how, otherwise, it can lead to a poor result and even damage if carried out incorrectly.

Rapid Facility Services offers a range of industrial and commercial high pressure washing services tailored to suit your building and requirements.

1. Remove dirt and build up from exterior surfaces

The exterior of your business is the first thing your customers see. Keeping it tidy and clean will do wonders for your business image as well as preventing further deterioration of your building’s exterior.

Industrial cleaning waterblasting

Industrial pressure washing services will help wash away harmful residues and help to keep moss, mould, mildew, and lichen under control. Using this service will remove plenty of unappealing matter from the exterior surfaces of your building, bringing them back to life so they look like new. An industrial high pressure clean will clear away dirt and build up from many hard to reach places like eaves, spouting, roofing, and more.

A good team will know the correct amount of pressure to apply to different surfaces without causing damage.

Why is moss, mould, lichen, and more harmful?

The fungi eat away at paint, wood, and more leading to expensive problems if left untreated. It’s important to keep on top of it – especially on the exterior surfaces.

A high or low industrial pressure washing services are just one way you can control the growth of mould, lichen, moss, algae and more.

Surfaces can also become slippery, damaged and stained if not maintained and can become a health and safety hazard.

2. Get a crystal clean view from your windows

Crystal clean windows are completely achievable with an industrial pressure clean.

Window cleaning in industrial buildings can be tricky. As we know from experience, industrial premises have many unique places that need to be kept clean. There are many nooks and crannies around windows and windows are often high and hard to reach.

An industrial pressure clean will also help preserve and tidy up your windows. It assists in removing dirt build up, pollen, and spiderwebs that can look unappealing.

Working at heights requires specialist training and knowledge along with having the right equipment for industrial pressure washing.

We have a knowledgeable team of experts who have all the gear and equipment needed to ensure an effective clean of any surface.

3. Eliminate hazards on your driveways, pathways and flooring

Rapid floor clean

Driveways, pathways and industrial flooring like concrete, are a haven for dirt and grime. All these surfaces are susceptible to discolouring and moss and mould growth which not only looks awful but it can become a safety issue.

Industrial pressure washing services will help bring a driveway, pathways and flooring up like new.

Moss can be especially slippery and create a health and safety hazard, so it’s a good idea to have a pressure clean regularly if this is a common issue for your paths or driveway.

An industrial pressure cleaning service is one way you can help instantly lift and improve the look of your business premises as it removes the build-up of dirt, grime, and fungi growths like mould, moss, and algae.

Book your industrial pressure washing service with us today

Get your high or low industrial pressure clean booked with our team now before summer so your premises are looking presentable for the summer.

Our team is trained specifically in dealing with industrial pressure washing services. They understand the requirements, equipment required, water pressure, and the best way to treat a range of surfaces effectively and efficiently.

We are PREQUAL qualified and take health and safety seriously.

Give us a call today to get your business ready for summer with industrial pressure washing services.



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Robyn is Rapid Facility Services' Financial Director. After 29 years in the building and FMCG industries Robyn has the best of both industries knowledge to fall back on. Robyn looks after the money, the systems and is mum to all at Rapid.
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