Covid19 industrial cleaning

The Covid19 pandemic has highlighted the need for stringent hygiene standards and practices at home, in public but also in commercial and industrial cleaning. So how can you help fight Covid19 in your business?

Industrial cleaning already has strict practices in place and regulations that need to be met. By keeping on top of cleaning and hygiene in the workplace it is helping to fight Covid19 and the spread of other bacteria. One of the best ways to do this within your workplace is with an antimicrobial treatment. These speciality treatments will help prevent bacteria breeding and living on surfaces within your workplace.

How has Covid affected business hygiene?

It goes without saying that Covid19 or the Coronavirus has caused a lot of grief, headaches, and adjustments for many businesses small and large in communities around the globe.

Covid19 can live on surfaces for a long period of time, but with regular cleaning and disinfection, we can help reduce this risk.

The spread of Covid19 is not limited to transmission in public spaces and can be found and spread within businesses and amongst co-workers and to customers. Whatever the industry there are new cleaning protocols and practices that should be followed.

Here is an example of why it’s so important to keep on top of commercial and industrial cleaning.

Countdown supermarket in Auckland had to close its doors after a person who was confirmed to have Covid19 spent time in the store. A thorough clean and santisation of the store was then carried out to make it safe for staff and customers.

Managing cleanliness and hygiene standards during Covid19 calls for more stringent commercial and industrial cleaning methods than usual and consistent regularity around cleaning schedules. Many businesses are having professionally applied antimicrobial treatments as part of their industrial cleaning schedule in the fight to stop the spread of Covid19.

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How industrial cleaning is fighting the spread of Covid19

Industrial cleaning is not only a crucial part of running a business but also a preventative measure against Covid19 and other bacteria. Surfaces are a hub for bacteria and need to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly by a professional cleaning service. Industrial cleaning and commercial cleaning both require attention to detail.

Antimicrobial Treatments help fight the spread of Covid19

The value of industrial cleaning is immeasurable in the fight against the spread of Covid19. An antimicrobial treatment is a mixture of speciality chemicals that is applied to surfaces within a commercial or industrial building and have long-lasting effects. It helps prevent bacteria from growing by creating an inhospitable environment that discourages viruses, bacteria, and more from living on the surfaces.

Antimicrobial treatments are often used in food manufacturing plants, dairy production, breweries, and many other places. Any industrial building will benefit from a treatment as it will lessen the chances of the spread of bacteria and germs.

Treatments can be applied to many different surfaces such as walls, doors, ceilings, and more, ensuring you have a safe and healthy environment.

How we can help your business with industrial cleaning

Our team has developed an effective antimicrobial treatment that was tested and trialled in large dairy processing companies with absolute success. We continue to improve our treatments and tailor solutions for each company we engage with.

We have an experienced team of professional cleaners who can create a solution for your industrial premises. Industrial cleaning doesn’t have to be stressful and with the right team and treatments, you can be proactive in helping to fight the spread of Covid19. Get your antimicrobial treatment for your premises now and help protect your workplace, staff, and customers.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.

Andrew Chan