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Food Safety Manufacturing Audits are a critical part of complying with the latest New Zealand safety and health standards in food production and manufacturing. Food Safety Audits are also compulsory for all food manufacturing, processing, and production services.

Audits are required for businesses producing, processing, or manufacturing food products for public consumption. It ensures you are keeping up with best practices and is part of the certification process.

We have a wealth of knowledge in this area, and here’s how we can help.

Food safety manufacturing audit requirements

We know exactly what to look for prior to a food safety audit taking place.

Standards within the industry are always changing. Keeping up to date with regular changes, protocols, and regulations is something we are always on top of. By doing this we ensure your business is compliant with safety regulations as well as checking you are performing best practices.

Our staff are specifically trained for working in Food Safety Audits, so you will always have knowledgeable and skilled people available. We go above and beyond to make sure your business meets the requirements of Food Safety Auditors.

Ensuring your business is compliant and operating safely is going to make it easier for you when an audit is due, it will also build a good reputation and long-standing relationships with your customers. They will know your brand can be trusted.

No business wants to get a bad rap for failing to comply or not meeting the requirements for the industry. We can help with setting out cleaning procedures and schedule regular inspections of your operation to assist you in keeping on top of cleaning.

We have built long-standing relationships with food manufacturers across New Zealand, who trust us to complete cleaning to extremely high standards.

Internal audits

We help you by picking up on the small things that can sometimes be overlooked, nonetheless, they are still crucial to the safety of your food operations.

Every business is different, and therefore require different areas to be focused on. With high attention to detail, we review what areas within your operation need extra attention.

We make sure everything is cleaned thoroughly – inside and out.

Other areas that we check include:

  • Openings to your facility are sealed well to eliminate pest access
  • Dust layers at height above production, packing and warehousing areas
  • Flaky paint anywhere in your production area
  • Ceiling cavities cleaned
  • Vents and ducting cleaned
  • Floors maintained and sealed
  • Clean and sanitise buildings
  • Bird fouling in production, packing, warehousing and distribution
  • Moss, mould and gunge build-up – and much more

cleaning food for food safety

Why choose us?

We have worked alongside many large NZ Food Manufacturers for a number of years. We understand not only why it’s important to adhere to strict cleanliness within the food manufacturing industry, but we can also help your business improve the standards of cleaning.

We can help you to create a specially tailored plan to keep on top of your hygiene and safety, leading to best practice within the industry, that suits your business and helps you to manage the health and safety aspects on a daily, monthly, and annual basis.

Our staff know what auditors expect and what they look for.

Our business is a Impac PreQual Certified business, so rest assured you are in good hands. Let us handle the problem-solving, stress, and preparation of getting prepared for a Food Safety Audit – and ensure your business is compliant in every way from the very start.

We are trained and highly skilled professionals in cleaning requirements in all areas of food production, processing, and manufacturing.

We understand the importance of strict hygiene, health and safety standards within the food manufacturing industry.

Whether it be in dairy, breweries, seafood, meat, or packaged product plants – you can be assured you are working with the best!

Get in touch today and see how we can assist your business with pre-audit cleans, and anything involving food compliance hygiene regulations in your business.


Paul Schoch

Paul is Rapid Facility Services' Managing Director and has an extensive sales background ranging from retail to commercial product to commercial services and sales management. He is best known around site as the guy who says “we will do whatever others can’t or won’t do”.
Paul Schoch