Thank you to all New Zealand’s essential workers during the covid crisis

Group of essential workers

We have been operating during all Alert Levels of covid-19 as an Essential Service. We have been able to do our bit to help keep New Zealanders safe.

However, we would not have been able to do this without our amazing staff members, and we are sure it’s the same for many businesses not just in New Zealand but around the world.

Operating during the covid crisis and the different Alert Levels has been a huge adjustment for many employers and employees.

A thank you to New Zealand essential services

All essential businesses must appreciate not only the risks to their employees but also what a stressful time it is for many of them.

We are very proud of the way our team has adapted to the strict protocols and extra hygiene practices they perform, on top of our already high standards. Our team has kept meticulous cleaning standards throughout all Alert Levels, to ensure our clients have peace of mind.

Acknowledging essential workers whether that’s at the supermarket, the petrol station, cleaning services or even the local posties and couriers, is so important. Not only are they operating in a way that no one has ever done before, but they have also demonstrated how they are the backbones of the country. They have made sure we were able to get essential items and helped contain the spread of the virus during our time in lockdown and more.

Support for essential services

It’s important for businesses and New Zealanders, to recognise the way our essential workers have put themselves on the frontline for the benefit of us all.

As Jacinda said – “be kind New Zealand”

The New Zealand Government has given us some great initiatives and resources to help our essential workers through this challenging time. It hasn’t been easy for many businesses and their staff. There is even a free helpline for employees suffering from high levels of stress.  And, of course, for many non-essential businesses there has been some much-needed financial help for those who have required it.

Operating businesses during difficult times

There have been many protocols surrounding the way businesses should and can operate during the different Alert Levels.

It has been a learning curve for everyone involved. Thank you to all of our team and everyone else who has worked through all the Alert Levels. New Zealand could not have done it without you all.

New Zealand has had a low amount of covid cases, this is due to the majority of you who have followed the rules and taken on board the health and safety protocols created by the New Zealand Government. It’s also been helped by the many groups who have maintained essential services.

Our team has spent time ensuring food manufacturing, and other essential services have been kept clean and hygienic throughout the crisis. For our staff, it has meant they have to spend extra time to prepare for a job, extra safety and PPE gear, extra paperwork and extra thorough cleaning.

We are so thankful for our clients who have continued working with us during the lock down and beyond, who trust us and know we will always do am exemplary job. We’ve been able to take that stress off many clients, knowing that their workplace is safe and covid free. This has enabled them to continue to produce food, essential products and services to New Zealanders.

For every essential service and business, there have been strict rules and regulations that every business and its employees must apply.

It has been a big ask of all our essential employees to take on board, learn very quickly and adhere to all of the new rules and regulations.

If you are looking for a fun way to thank your essential workers you can find some inspiration here.

New Zealand’s response to Covid 19 Crisis

New Zealand has garnered plenty of worldwide attention for the way we have dealt with the covid crisis.

It has been a testing time for everyone, but especially our essential worker workforce.

The Atlantic Magazine named Jacinda ‘The World’s most effective leader’.

While people have different opinions of the way our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern has dealt with the covid crisis, we can certainly all agree how lucky we are to have had a low number of covid cases.

It’s also a time to remember those New Zealander’s who have sadly lost loved ones to the covid virus, and what a difficult time it must be for them and their families.

It’s also a time to appreciate the enormous effort kiwis have collectively made.

Again, thank you, thank you – to all New Zealanders who have put themselves on the front line during the covid crisis.

Thank you to all the businesses who have supported their staff, and continued to operate their businesses for all of us Kiwis.

We should all be proud and thankful for the support they have given us during this time.

family washing hands hygiene

Thank you again, to all our clients who have continued to let us to look after their staff and their workplaces, through our essential cleaning services.

We love our community and we do what we can to give back wherever possible. As we support our food manufacturing clients through these uncertain times.

As we all start heading out and taking in the rules for a new level Rapid would like to wish all our staff, customers, and associates a big thanks for all your support over the past few months.

Covid-19 has caught the whole world by surprise but we’re not letting it stop us from delivering quality cleaning services to New Zealanders. Our expertise and experience have prepared us well for an event such as covid-19 and we are proud to be a covid-19 essential service.

We are ready to provide urgent support and essential cleaning to food manufacturers nationwide. Call us today.

Kia Kaha New Zealand.



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