How a maintenance schedule keeps your business on track

Regular maintenance schedule

Keeping your business up and running is your number one priority. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, so constant inspections, repairs and tune-ups are needed to keep things running smoothly. This is where a regular maintenance schedule comes in.

Why have a regular maintenance schedule?

Just like your car needs a Warrant of Fitness every year, your business needs a check-up to ensure everything is on track. You wouldn’t wait for your car to break down before changing the oil, so why would you do the same to your expensive equipment?

Keep ahead of the curve

Maintenance of equipment and premises is essential for any business. You’ll have to do it at some point, so why wait until the last minute? You’re only hurting yourself by putting it off or, worse, forgetting about it altogether. By scheduling your regular maintenance ahead of time, you know exactly what to expect and when, rather than seeing it as a chore that begrudgingly has to be done.

Keep downtime to a minimum

Planning means you can plan around your busiest times. If specific machines need to be shut down or entire buildings need to be fumigated, you can schedule a time that least disrupts your production. If everyone’s off for the summer holidays anyway, then that’s when you can get the maintenance crews in.

Prevention is better than cure

Maintenance checks exist to catch small issues before they turn into big problems. To go back to the car analogy, when the treads on your tyres get low, you change them. You don’t wait until you have to break suddenly in the rain and end up in a serious accident. Fixing a small issue on a large and expensive machine will possibly save you thousands in the long term.

Look after your machinery

Why wouldn’t you want to take care of those large, expensive machines? They are the lifeblood of your business. Staff can come and go, but if that $100,000 piece of equipment breaks, everyone is out of a job! Keep everything ticking along nicely, keep your staff at work, and keep your profits coming in.

Scheduled maintenance on industrial machines

Services we offer

No matter what type of business you have, no matter which industry, we have a solution to help you with a regular maintenance schedule.

Audit cleaning

If you own or manage a food and beverage processing facility, you’ll know that food and safety audits are compulsory. Any business producing food or drink must pass these safety audits to stay in business.

Ensuring your facility is up to standard with regular, scheduled audit cleans will help you stay in business while maintaining a hygienic work environment.

Antimicrobial treatment

Bacteria can run rampant in all food manufacturing plants, so regular antimicrobial surface treatments are necessary for food and beverage facilities to maintain clean and hygienic premises and production.

Planned antimicrobial treatments are essential to ensure your plant and manufacturing equipment is kept up to date with New Zealand’s strict hygiene standards.

Industrial cleaning

Industrial cleaning is for specialised industries when only professionals with specialised training and certifications can be hired to do the job. A regularly scheduled deep clean will be more manageable and keep costs down, saving you costly productive time and money in the long run.

Industrial painting

First impressions are crucial, especially when it comes to landing new clients. If your building looks unprofessional, then so do you. This is why giving it a good once-over with a lick of paint is important, but as it’s not an essential part of your business, it’s easy to put off. A planned painting schedule once a year can solve this problem.

Moss and mould treatment

Fungus, moss, and moulds attack the surfaces on which they live, and their effects can harm the health of anyone in the building. If your premises has mould, it is only a matter of time before it will have to be removed, resulting in expensive repair costs. Regularly checking for moss and mould nips the problem in the bud before it grows out of hand.

Building maintenance

Regular building maintenance aims to inspect, maintain, and repair a whole range of things within your business. By scheduling regular checks, you’ll increase the longevity of your building, protecting your premises and preventing small problems from growing into big ones.

Floor maintenance

The condition of your flooring is important from both a health and a safety perspective. A poorly maintained floor is a biological hazard and also increases the potential for workplace accidents. Scheduling regular floor maintenance will keep your facility hygienically clean and save you money in the long run.

Bird proofing

When birds flock together, they stay together, and you don’t want them nesting in and around your commercial property! Regular checks on your bird proofing will stop them from stealing food, annoying customers, damaging your building, and even spreading disease.

Industrial washing

Set up a maintenance schedule today with us

When something has to be done, there’s no point leaving it to the last minute. Keep your business on track and your employees and customers safe, and stop costs from spiralling out of control with a regular maintenance schedule.

Having professionals come in and inspect your place of work regularly can detect problems before they get out of hand. Whether it’s an issue with machinery or a health and safety red flag, fixing the problem before it grows into something expensive or unmanageable is the smart thing to do.

Our team at Rapid Facilities are experts in maintenance, from industrial painting to antimicrobial treatments. If you would like to schedule a maintenance check for next week or next year, call us today, and one of our friendly and experienced team will be happy to help.

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