The festive season is near (or here already for some Christmas lovers). While we watch as the tinsel and fairy lights start going up around us, there are a few more practical things we need to get sorted. If your workplace closes down for the Christmas holiday period, now is the time to schedule our professional cleaning service.

When you go on holiday, it’s always a good idea to ensure your home is clean. It’s peace of mind to know that everything is in order. The last thing you want is to return to a messy house after a great time away.

The same goes for your workplace.

In 2020 when you walk through those office doors, do you want to find the same stack of dusty files you left behind?

Do you want to see clutter? No.

It’s important to get on top of things before you head off for your holiday but this applies to more than just your workload.

The state of your workplace will influence the way you feel on your first day back at work. If it’s clean, organised and ready for a new year, you’ll feel ready too.

So we’ll leave you to sort out that paperwork but our professional cleaning service will do the rest.

This is a top-to-toe clean of every corner and crevice of your workplace.

It’s a chance to fully reset and prepare for a new year.

Janitor cleaning white desk in office

Feel better about your first day back

We all know what the first day back at work feels like. Very few of us actually feel excited about it, especially after a great holiday.

The back-to-work blues will only be made worse if your workplace is messy and unorganised. Messy workplaces can heighten employee irritability as it can make them feel like they are not beginning the new year with a clean slate.

Holidays never feel long enough and we’re always left wanting more. Even just getting yourself out the door on your first day back requires a fair amount of self-encouragement. With this in mind, walking into a state of chaos is only going to make you feel like you wished you were back on holiday even more than you already do.

It takes a few days to ease back into things and plan for the year ahead.

Our professional cleaning service allows you to do this with a clean office and a clear mind.

A fresh start for 2020

There’s nothing fresh about starting a new year feeling like you never really wrapped up the last one. When your office is about to shut down for the Christmas holidays, it’s important to have a sensible amount of foresight and leave things as you hope to find them.

Studies have shown that clutter and mess directly impact employee productivity. If it’s there when you return to work, you’ll find it hard to start 2020 with a bang.

We’ll make sure your workplace is the perfect environment for starting the new year with a fresh frame of mind. Everything will be ready and waiting for you to hit the ground running.

Our professional cleaning service is much more than a quick tidy

We understand the importance of returning to a clean workplace. Rapid’s professional cleaning service takes the time to ensure everything is in order before your business closes for Christmas.

The amount of dust and grime that accumulates over the course of a year even surprises us sometimes! Our professional cleaning service at this time of year tackles more than the routine tidy-up done by a daily cleaner.

This is a full workplace clean.

It requires more hands-on-deck and some heavy equipment. We will remove bacteria and viruses lurking around the workstations, and we will also tend to your office exterior, removing debris and mould from your property’s grounds.

All in all, a clean like this requires a good level of professional expertise.

professional cleaning service

If you’ve suddenly realised how soon the Christmas holiday period is, there’s still time to schedule our professional cleaning service.

We know how busy things can be at this time of year as offices try to wrap up in time for the break. For this reason, we are happy to work outside your office hours to avoid any interruptions. We will work around you, whatever your time preferences are.

Reset your workplace and prepare for a fresh start in 2020. Call us today to book our professional cleaning service.


Paul Schoch

Paul is Rapid Facility Services' Managing Director and has an extensive sales background ranging from retail to commercial product to commercial services and sales management. He is best known around site as the guy who says “we will do whatever others can’t or won’t do”.
Paul Schoch