5 property maintenance tips to beat the heat this summer

Hot summer sun

Commercial and industrial buildings endure a lot through the winter months and one would hope by the time summer arrives, buildings can take a break from the wild weather. But the summer sun brings a whole new set of issues so we’ve compiled our top five property maintenance tips for summer.

Sunshine is glorious and we wait for summer all year. But the New Zealand sun is particularly harsh and can wreak havoc on building materials just like it does to your skin.

Summer is also the time that we tend to take a decent holiday and building maintenance often takes a back seat during this time. Many building owners are surprised to see how quickly the effects of the summer sun can set in.

The best way to prevent sun damage to your commercial or industrial premises is to prepare them the best you can before we reach peak temperatures. And because the Christmas holiday period is nearly here, the best time to do it is now.

Check out these five hot property maintenance tips

Roof repairer

Clean gutters

We know that leaves and debris quickly build up in gutters, especially during winter. If not removed frequently, debris can cause major blockages which, in turn, increases your risk of flooding and water damage.

If debris build-up has started to form clumps in your gutters, the summer sun is going to dry and harden these clumps, making them more difficult to remove.

Now that summer is here, the Rapid team can refresh your building’s gutters and clear them completely before we head further into the sunny season.

Inspect roof surfaces

If there’s one area of your building that will take a hit from the sun, it’s your roof. As the first place the sun hits, your roof will have to withstand extremely high temperatures all through the summer.

Regardless of the colour of your roof, it will absorb heat… and the materials must be in their best state to endure high temperatures. This all starts with a professional roof inspection.

Our team know exactly what to look out for and can detect issues that may present problems in the future. We come fully equipped to undergo repairs on the spot and can have your building’s roof in the best possible shape for summer.

Apply a fresh coat of paint

Flaky paint is caused by many factors but the sun is a major contributor to these issues. It’s important that your building’s exterior is frequently treated to a fresh coat of paint, as old paint is much more susceptible to the effects of weather.

If it’s been a while since your building had a fresh paint application, consider doing this as soon as possible. Paint technology is continuously improving so each time a new coat is applied to your building, it will be better and more durable than the last.

We have a team of qualified painters who boast expert knowledge in this area. We know what paint is right for what surface and how best to apply without causing disruption to your operations.

Freshen up your commercial grounds

When it comes to property maintenance tips for summer, one thing you can’t overlook are your commercial grounds. It is so important that your commercial grounds are well cared for during summer, especially when there’s greenery that needs attention.

Tending to the exterior of your commercial or industrial property during summer is as important as any other time of year. Commercial grounds can quickly appear tired and dry if not tended to during the upcoming hot months, and our team are available throughout summer to keep your premises looking tidy and fresh.

Clean ducts and vents

If you’re building houses a ventilation system, it’s extremely important to clear ducts and vents regularly. Dust build-up can prevent these systems from working to their full efficiency which can raise your energy costs and increase the risk of airborne illness.

There’s no doubt that winter would have stirred up all kinds of bacteria and viruses that will be lurking in ducts and vents. We have the skills and equipment to get into the smallest spaces and ensure they’re fully cleaned.

The dryness of summer results in high quantities of dust so your ducts and vents should be cleaned as early in the season as possible.

property maintenance tips

While wild winter weather can have huge effects on a building and the harsh NZ sun is damaging to building materials. With our property maintenance services, your building will look its best all summer long.

Our focus is on providing quality services to our clients and we take pride in doing our very best to meet our clients’ expectations and more!

If you want property maintenance services that are second to none, come and talk to us.

Your property is your greatest asset so make sure you protect this asset by keeping maintenance and repairs up to date and carried out by our qualified and professional team.

Before the season really sets in, prepare your building the best that you can to ensure it’s in great shape to withstand high temperatures.

And bear in mind, we can take care of all your summer property maintenance. Call us today.

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