Flooring is often one area that can easily be overlooked in commercial premises. A commercial clean of your flooring has many benefits and some that you may not have realised. 

While some businesses choose not to have commercially cleaned floors there are many reasons to suggest they should. In fact, it could possibly save businesses many dollars in the long run – professionals know what to look for, how to maintain, and have knowledge of flooring faults or repairs. 

This is why your industrial or commercial flooring benefits from a professional commercial clean.


Health and safety are important and something everyone should take seriously.

Did you know that according to WorkSafe NZ floors are one of the most common causes of injuries in workplaces?

Poor cleaning, maintenance, or uncared for floors can cause a huge range of hazards like slips, trips, and falls. 

When you are working in a commercial or industrial environment there are often many different products used in the form of liquids – including water, chemicals, soaps, and oils. The residue from these can often be difficult to remove from flooring surfaces.

As a professional commercial cleaning company, we have the knowledge and expertise for the correct chemicals and cleaning procedures used to ensure that residues are removed. 

We can identify worn flooring and make repairs or recommendations on solutions to any issues.

First impressions

A shiny clean floor will certainly impress customers, staff, and anyone who enters your commercial premises, particularly if you are in the food manufacturing industry.

A well maintained and well-cleaned floor will also lead to plenty of health and safety benefits while looking pretty top-notch too.

Create a good healthy work environment and business premises

A clean and tidy floor creates a healthier working environment for your staff. There are fewer chances of bacteria and diseases being spread on surfaces like flooring if you keep on top of your commercial clean. 

Rapid Facility Services are a professional cleaning business and we will ensure that your floors are kept in tip top shape. We can work around your business activities effectively without causing too much disturbance – and cleaning services 24/7.

 Professional floor commercial clean

Employee productivity

Several studies have found that a safe and clean work environment can raise the morale and productivity of employees. Not only will your staff feel more comfortable working within a work environment, but they will be less likely to get sick from viruses.

All in all a commercial clean of your flooring does have benefits to your business.

And not just your business but your customers and staff.

Deep cleaning techniques eliminate bacteria

Our staff use purpose-built equipment for hot water cleaning and chemical deep cleaning to access all hard-to-reach areas. We can clean industrial spaces, large and small, and leave no areas untreated. In addition we can also clean your trade waste, either on-site or off-site as required.

Do you need to book a commercial clean for your flooring?

If you want to find out more about a professional commercial clean of your flooring or book one in then get in touch with us.

We pride ourselves with a team of knowledgeable staff who know all about commercial and industrial flooring. We operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so we can work out a time that suits your business operations.

So whether it’s flooring maintenance or a commercial clean of your business we have a great team who can get the job right.


Andrew Chan

Andrew is Rapid Facility Services' Technical Director. After 15 years of being in the facilities service industry providing cleaning solutions to major NZ Food manufacturers, Andrew knows how to clean every surface and substrate, he can access anything, anywhere, at any height and/or confined space.
Andrew Chan