Spruce up your premises with an industrial painting service

professional industrial painting service

We all want to present our business in the best way possible. That includes the exterior or interior appearance of your physical premises. Industrial painting can help spruce up your building if it’s looking a little tired or due for a new paint job. 

A new paint job or paintwork can be an instant lift to your building as well as increasing the value of your investment. 

As a property owner, keeping your buildings tidy will make it more appealing to business owners who are looking to lease, make a good impression on established clients and potential new ones, as well as being more profitable.

Indications you need commercial or industrial paintwork

Flaking, peeling, faded, or bubbling paint on surfaces is a strong indication that you need the paintwork done.

It can become a health and safety issue – especially in the food manufacturing industry. Commercial or industrial paint services include treatments and solutions for a wide range of business operations – everything from schools, halls, food processing, breweries, and much more. 

What are the benefits of an industrial painting service?

  • Street appeal – your building will stand out, garner interest and attract customers
  • Creates a professional appearance
  • Longitiveity – special high-quality paints and workmanship will ensure your paint job lasts a long time
  • Saves you time and money – you don’t want to keep going back for touch-up paintwork because it wasn’t done correctly at the start. Get it done right the first time.
  • Aesthetics – clean lines and a high-quality finish will do wonders for the look of your premises.
  • No stress – you won’t have to worry about choosing the right products, treatments, or correct equipment.
  • Surface Preparation – this is a key step when starting to paint and can lead to issues like peeling, cracking, and more if not done correctly.
  • Cleanliness – a great paint job looks clean and professional. The right paint products will also help with cleaning, making it easier to keep clean and tidy.

industrial painting and coating

Why is commercial or industrial painting worth the investment?

A professional commercial or industrial painting service is worth the investment as it gives you the best results and a quality finish.

No two commercial or industrial buildings are the same. Each one comes with particular requirements depending on the type of use for the buildings. Unlike residential homes, speciality treatments, coatings or specialist paint may be needed for industrial and commercial spaces. It’s not just the finish of a professional paint job to consider but the preparation too. A good commercial or industrial painting service will prep surfaces correctly to get that high-quality finish.

The type of paint used will be dependent on the type of use for the building.

When hiring a professional company they will know about the best products and coatings to use for your premises. Whether it’s aesthetics, hard-wearing, and a long-lasting paint finish for your property. 

If your building looks professional, clean, and tidy it makes a great first impression on customers and gives it that all important street appeal.

If you lease your building, investing in a professional painting service specific to commercial or industrial spaces will give you many benefits. A great looking building will give you an advantage over others – attracting more interest and higher rents.

It’s not just a painting service

A commercial or industrial painting service is much more than just painting. 

We believe there is no generic solution when it comes to industrial painting. There is a lot of preparation that goes into ensuring clients receive the best possible treatment and solutions for their painting problems.

There are plenty of various factors to consider when selecting the right products for buildings. Industrial painting services also include speciality coatings. These coatings protect your surfaces from mould, moss, lichen, harsh chemicals, and harmful UV that can fade paint and colours over time.

Our industrial painting services extend across a wide range of industries. Through vast knowledge of substrates and environmental conditions, we’re able to make careful decisions about what painting mixes, techniques, and equipment to use on individual industrial and commercial buildings.


Spruce up your premises with quality paints and workmanship

We have many years of experience in commercial and industrial buildings – whether it’s maintenance, an entire paint job, or anything in between.

All of our staff are trained and certified for all areas of commercial and industrial services including painting. Our services apply to a wide range of commercial and industrial premises. With our expert divisions available 24/7, we can work outside of your operational hours to avoid any disruption in your workplace.

Rapid Facility Services provide all aspects of commercial and industrial coating and paintwork services, including:

  • Roof restoration
  • Poly-panel recoating
  • Gas line painting
  • Food industry specialised VOC-free coating systems
  • Flaky paint removal and recoating
  • Full building paints – interior and exterior
  • Office painting

Give us a call now to find out more about our specialist commercial and industrial painting services.

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