6 myths about commercial cleaning debunked

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Industrial and commercial cleaning is a complicated job as both require specialist cleaning knowledge and experience. There is a lot more to commercial cleaning than meets the eye.

Every space is different and attention to specific details is paramount for a high-quality clean.

We’ve collected a few common myths about commercial cleaning and explain below what is fact and what is fiction.

Commercial cleaning is expensive

Many businesses think that commercial cleaning is too expensive and unaffordable. 

Not true. Firstly, hiring a commercial cleaning service comes with plenty of benefits and secondly, it saves companies time and money.

In addition to that, professional cleaning services know what products to use and what areas to treat. A professional team should be able to come in and do the job once as untrained staff may miss areas and need to go back and reclean. That is expensive!

Did you know that a commercial cleaning service can be tailored to suit your requirements, needs, and budget? 

Commercial cleaning interferes with your production and manufacturing

This is a common myth – and is not true. A professional cleaning service company will work around your production or manufacturing activities with minimal disruption to your services.

Our team works 24/7 – which means we can fit in with our clients and provide a complete cleaning service with minimal to no disruption at all.

A well-trained team with knowledge and expertise will efficiently and effectively clean areas that are hubs of activity – especially areas that produce or manufacture food, breweries, wineries, dairy plants, and much more.

Hand sanitisers kill germs instantly

Unfortunately… no. Hand sanitisers do not kill germs instantly, nor do they kill all of them.

And that’s a great point to bear in mind when cleaning your premises. To effectively stop the spread of germs and bacteria, it is important to understand exactly where to clean and again, what to clean those surfaces with.

Industrial cleaning and commercial cleaning are the same

The only common thing industrial and commercial cleaning share is that they both require specialist knowledge, skill and are complicated areas to clean.

Industrial and commercial spaces both require very different methods and techniques for cleaning. It all depends on the business activity in the space, what products or chemicals are used and what type of machinery is in the area.

Industrial and commercial cleaning is different – and no two spaces are the same.

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It doesn’t matter what chemicals or treatments you use to clean surfaces

This is another very common misconception because household cleaners are not the same as industrial or commercial strength cleaners. And, depending on the area or space you are cleaning, they will require different types of cleaners. 

You don’t clean hospitals with cleaning products you can purchase in the supermarket, just as you wouldn’t clean a food manufacturing area with products intended for domestic use.

Again, it all depends on the space, surface, use, and activities that the industrial or commercial area is used for.

You should only get an area cleaned when it is visibly dirty

No, you shouldn’t! 

Any responsible business owner knows that the health and safety of staff and customers is a priority.

Just because you can’t see germs or bacteria doesn’t mean they are not lurking on surfaces. 

The Covid19 pandemic has clearly shown that we don’t have to see germs for them to be there. Infectious droplets can land on many surfaces and survive for long periods of time. So it’s crucial to regularly clean your space to avoid the spread of germs and build-up of bacteria, mould, and all the other nasties you don’t see and don’t want in your commercial space.

Separating fact and fiction

It’s about ensuring all areas are cleaned safely, thoroughly, and to the highest possible standards. Understanding the difference between fact and fiction in cleaning is important to keep people safe and healthy. 

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