Why specialist training is needed for confined space cleaning

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Industrial and commercial cleaning is made up of many different speciality services, one of those is confined space cleaning.

All commercial and industrial premises are different and require different cleaning techniques, chemicals, and equipment.

Working in confined spaces requires specialist training and knowledge because of the various hazards that can be potentially fatal.

What represents a confined space?

A confined space is an area that is enclosed and presents hazards to those working in them.

Working in a confined space requires careful planning and training with the correct equipment to operate as safely as possible.

A confined space is defined by WorkSafe New Zealand as:

  • is an enclosed or partially enclosed space and
  • is not intended or designed primarily for human occupancy and
  • may present a risk from one or more of the following at any time
    • the unsafe concentration of harmful airborne contaminants
    • unsafe concentration of flammable substances
    • The unsafe levels of oxygen
    • substances that can cause engulfment

Cleaning in confined spaces can be especially tricky – and this makes it an important and sometimes overlooked service. If you require a confined space cleaning service – you need to ensure that the people are specially trained.

Some examples of enclosed or confined spaces include; sewers, drains, pipes, silos, tanks, vats, boilers, shafts, and inside ducts.

 confined space cleaning vats

Why is it important to have qualified people for confined space cleaning?

There are many different hazards that are present when working in a confined space. The cleaning staff must be trained, knowledgeable, and have the correct equipment and tools for the job.

A quality cleaning services company will be able to identify potential and present hazards within that area and understand how to implement controls of those risks appropriately.

What are the hazards in a confined space?

Because these spaces are enclosed they can present many hazards that you normally wouldn’t encounter in larger spaces.

In confined spaces, some of the possible hazards you can encounter include,

  • Gases and chemicals
  • Lack of oxygen
  • Toxic air and the environment
  • A higher risk of the atmosphere being flammable or explosive
  • Engulfment and risk of becoming trapped
  • Moving parts or machinery inside the confined space
  • Loud noise
  • Temperatures
  • Falls from working at heights… And so much more.

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The Health and safety of everyone is important when working in confined spaces

The health and safety of everyone is so important. It’s one of our core values here at Rapid Facilities. We don’t just talk about health and safety, we apply it, operate by it, and understand it.

Everyone, regardless of whether it’s our staff or your employees, needs to be kept safe. We take all health and safety very seriously.

Working in confined spaces presents very real hazards. Some of these hazards can lead to death, long-term illness, or injuries.

You cannot afford to be complacent about health and safety. You need to make sure you have the right people for the job or it could lead to very serious consequences.

There are plenty of tests and planning that occur before entering a confined space. Our staff are aware of this and are fully trained to apply specialist techniques and training for these dangerous spaces.

Do you have confined spaces that need cleaning or specialist services? Get in touch with Rapid.

If you want a job completed and you need a company that can work in confined spaces safely then Rapid Facility Services are the ones you need to call. We are a PREQUEL qualified company and operate nationwide.

All of our staff will have completed an intense course in Confined Space and Gas Detection and have been trained on how to safely enter a confined space and are fully aware of what to do and how to do it safely.

We have a strong commitment to safety and all of our staff understand and adhere to our code of conduct and stringent health and safety standards. Our team operates in a way that is professional and has the correct equipment and knowledge to keep everyone safe.

Rapid’s specialised divisions address all concerns relating to industrial and commercial premises. Whatever the industry and whatever the job, Rapid offers teams of highly trained, efficient, and safety-conscious professionals who will get the job done right, the first time.

Give us a call and find out more about the confined space services we offer.

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