This is how we offer the best in commercial cleaning services

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Offering the best commercial cleaning services is more than just doing a high-quality job. It’s about listening to your customers, tailoring commercial cleaning services to each of them, having a great team, and a commitment to health and safety.

When you are looking for industrial or commercial cleaning services – what defines ‘the best service?

Or, what convinces you to choose one over the other?

At Rapid Facility Services – we operate industrial and commercial cleaning services (and so much more) throughout New Zealand.

We stand behind our work, our team, and our core values.

Keep reading to find out why we are different and why we are the best.

Quality Services

We guarantee high quality and professional services every time.

We take pride in the fact that all our staff are trained, knowledgeable and professional in their work.

We have many different divisions and services that we offer across the industrial and commercial sectors. 

What makes us different and why are our services the best?

There is much more to a company than just providing a quality job or service. While our customers invest in us, we invest in our staff, equipment, and company to make sure that every time we complete a job it is to the best of our ability.

Quality workmanship is important – but so are a number of things that contribute to this.


Commitment gives a feeling of responsibility that a person has towards goals and a mission or vision that he/she is associated with.  

For everyone at Rapid Facilities, this means being committed to our values, expectations, staff, and our customers.

It starts with our values:  all our staff understand the commitment to our company values. We have high expectations of what defines quality cleaning services and work and our team is equally committed to high standards.

The company directors Robyn, Andrew, and Paul are committed to the development of staff, providing a safe environment, supporting and upgrading skills within the team, and most importantly in seeing the company grow.

Our staff are committed to learning, turning up, doing a great job each and every day, being kind to one another, and most importantly, believing in themselves.

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Why is commitment important? 

Commitment is one of our core values. It’s not just commitment to a job well done, but a commitment to seeing a job through and only ever doing the best we can do. It means we will do what we say and relates right back to our company motto:

We will do whatever others can’t or won’t do

When we say we will do something, we do it. We are committed to our work, our services and our customers all over New Zealand.

We proudly display our values and expectations for all to see.

Our company culture

Our company culture is a vital part of our business, as are our staff.

Both the mental and physical well-being of our team members is very important to us. We are a family, and that is shown through our company culture.

We recently purchased gym equipment for our staff to use and enjoy. It’s part of our commitment to our amazing staff members and our core value of commitment to health and safety. 

No matter how big or small the job is, we turn up with the aim to provide a quality service that gets you the results you want.

At Rapid, we like to do things differently:  we encourage and foster social connections within our team. We show empathy and go out of our way to help and encourage our staff.

Personal development is another area we constantly work on with our staff. We like to be able to provide opportunities and professional development and growth to everyone in our team.

We have our expectations and values displayed at our premises for all our staff to see, to encourage working in collaboration, ensuring everyone works together.

Our Team is Our Family and we want to treat each individual with the respect they deserve.

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Health and Safety

The health and safety of everyone is important, and a core value in the way we operate. Whether it’s your staff or ours, we plan and do every step possible to ensure all our work is carried out in the most efficient and safest way possible.

In our industry, it is common to use different chemicals and treatments daily. It is so important to understand what these chemicals are and how to read labels, as well as knowing what chemicals should and shouldn’t be used for different work. Our team is certified in chemical safety and understands the paramount importance of health and safety within our workplace.

It’s not just about operating or completing work safely – it’s also about looking after everyone involved in the job.

We service many food manufacturing plants and industrial premises, and we understand the importance of keeping up to date with health and safety requirements.

Working with us gives you peace of mind knowing that you have qualified and professional people completing your jobs.

What are some of the commercial cleaning services we offer?

Our services apply to a wide range of commercial and industrial premisesAnything and everything in between from building maintenance, industrial painting to antimicrobial treatments, bird deterrents to speciality commercial cleaning services.

With our expert divisions available 24/7, we can work outside of your operational hours to avoid any disruption in your workplace. We provide highly trained experts for all of our individual services. 

Want to get the best in industrial and commercial cleaning services?

Give the team at Rapid Facility Services a call and let us show you why we are the best.  

We are proudly PREQUAL qualified, experienced and knowledgeable in a wide range of services in the industrial and commercial cleaning industry.

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