What is the purpose and benefits of a cleaning audit?

cleaning audit in food factory

If you’re a facility manager or business owner, you’ll know the importance of keeping your
commercial space or food plant clean – especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, keeping track of all the cleaning aspects can be a challenge when you’re trying to
run a business.

That’s where cleaning audits can help!

Having the right knowledge can give you back the power needed to keep your business up to
standard with cleaning procedures that you will ultimately benefit from.

But what is the purpose of a cleaning audit? And how can you benefit from it?

The purpose of a cleaning audit?

Without a proper cleaning procedure in place, hygiene standards can easily be neglected. This
is where cleaning audits come in. 

The purpose of a cleaning audit is to maintain a clean and hygienic work environment for
staff, clients, and visitors that meet health and safety standards. 

A cleaning audit will ensure a clean environment that can help against infection and reduce
the spread of germs and viruses.  With a cleaning procedure in place, you’ll be able to
understand your cleaning results and adapt cleaning schedules accordingly while adding
value to your business, employees, and clients. 

The benefits of a cleaning audit?

Health risk prevention

The spreading of illness and outbreaks are preventable with effective cleaning audits. 
Cleaning audits allow your management team to monitor and understand what’s been cleaned
and what hasn’t. The source of potential problems can be identified early, which in return will
prevent more serious issues before they arise. 

Business owners now more than ever are under pressure to maintain a strict cleaning practice.
With regular cleaning audits your clients and employees will be able to use your facilities
with confidence while minimizing the use of sick leave from your employees.

Health and safety standards

Protecting your employees and clients should be the number one priority. After all, they are
what makes a business successful. A cleaning audit will ensure you’re doing your part to keep
them safe.

Therefore conducting a cleaning audit is the safe way to ensure that your business is compliant
with New Zealand’s health and safety standards as they are a required component.

Regular deep cleaning of food manufacturing facilities is critical to reducing the risk of pest
infestations, unpleasant odours and product contamination. It also has the benefit of increasing
machinery life.

cleaning audit

Keep costs down

Cleaning budgets can range into tens of thousands of dollars per year. Auditing gives great
insight into how a cleaning budget is being spent and professional guidance on how your
business can maintain its effective cleaning standards. It also allows the opportunity for
continuous improvement of your staff.

Regular commercial cleaning of a business or property means you save money in the long
term. If things get out of hand, there’s a risk your entire operation may have to close while
everything is cleaned to an acceptable standard.

A regularly scheduled deep clean will be sustainable and keep costs down, saving you time
and money in the future.

Reputation and professionalism

Not only will your business be squeaky clean when conducting a cleaning audit but you are
protecting your business reputation at the same time. By making sure your workspace is up to
standard, you are demonstrating to your employees and clients that you are a professional
service that takes health and safety seriously. All it takes is one complaint or health scare to
damage a business’s reputation.

Simply put, your business will be promoting a healthier, safer, and trustworthy place to do

cleaning audit

Does your facility need a cleaning audit?

There are many benefits from cleaning audits and our services can help you achieve effective

We pride ourselves on the quality and level of service delivered to each client we work with.
Our audit cleaning services ensure that our client’s requirements are met with the highest
cleaning standards.

Whether you need food and safety cleaning, industrial cleaning, or commercial cleaning –
Rapid facility services provide a variety of sanitary solutions that ensure facilities meet the
many audit standards.

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