Commercial floor cleaning services that will make your business shine!

Commercial floor cleaning services that will make your business shine!

Not every business uses commercial cleaning services, however, there are many reasons why you should.

A shiny clean floor will certainly impress customers, staff, and anyone who enters your commercial or industrial premises, particularly if you are in the food manufacturing industry.

Scheduling regular commercial cleaning services will not only keep your facility hygienically clean but can save you money in the long run. Working with experienced professionals will help prevent structural damage which means less money spent on replacing flooring.

Your floors are not only your foundation but the most-utilised area of any building when it comes to personal contact with employees and customers. Therefore, floor cleaning should be an integral part of your commercial cleaning regime.

Here’s why…

The importance of floor maintenance

We don’t just deep clean your floor; we tend to any repairs that need doing with our floor maintenance services. This ensures your floors stay clean and free from hazards. We can also spot potential flooring damage and degradation before it gets out of control, which is costly.

The condition of your flooring is important for many reasons. If you’re not keeping up with regular maintenance, you should look at it from a health and safety perspective. A floor that isn’t maintained can increase the potential for workplace accidents, and spread germs and bacteria.

Eliminate germs and bacteria from your floors

Winter is fast approaching which means moisture and winter viruses are at a peak. This means it is a great time to have your floor cleaned.

The recent health pandemic has caused businesses of all kinds to rethink their cleaning protocols and how to create a healthy and safe environment.

Because our shoes are one of the dirtiest things we encounter every day, it is essential your floors are clean for preventing disease transmission.

We offer hot water deep cleaning and chemical deep cleaning, both of which are assisted by specialised equipment which is applied by our experienced staff. We access all hard-to-reach areas and can clean industrial spaces, large and small, and leave no areas untreated.

As flooring is the last line of defence against bacteria, we offer both floor cleaning and floor maintenance.

In addition, we can also clean your trade waste, either on-site or off-site as required.

Create a safe and healthy work environment

Health and safety are important and something everyone should take seriously.

Poorly maintained flooring is a health and safety hazard – it’s that simple. Did you know that according to WorkSafe NZ floors are one of the most common causes of injuries in workplaces?

Poor cleaning, maintenance, or uncared for floors can cause a huge range of hazards like slips, trips, and falls.

When you are working in a commercial or industrial environment there are often many different products used in the form of liquids – including water, chemicals, soaps, and oils. The residue from these can often be difficult to remove from flooring surfaces.

As a professional commercial cleaning company, we have the knowledge and expertise for the correct chemicals and cleaning procedures used to ensure that residues are removed.

We can identify worn flooring and make repairs or recommendations on solutions to any issues.

Commercial floor cleaning services

Make your business shine with our commercial floor cleaning services

Give your workplace the care it deserves. We not only provide professional floor cleaning and maintenance services but we specialise across a wide range of sectors including audit cleaning and Antimicrobial treatments for commercial and industrial spaces.

Our experienced commercial cleaners will understand the best products to use and how to do repairs for flooring.

Our staff are highly experienced, well-trained, and efficient in what they do, so you can focus on what matters to you the most.

By using our professional cleaning services you will ensure that your floors are kept in tip-top shape. We can work around your business activities effectively without causing too much disturbance – and cleaning services 24/7.

If you’re not sure where to start with your flooring or to find out more about how we can help your business – then give us a call!

Work with our commercial floor cleaning services and we’ll make sure your business will shine!

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